4. Talk About It

Talking about your goals doesn’t have to be like when your aunt decides – again – to get back to her high school weight and tells every stranger that she meets. However, do share your plans with your close friends. Don’t fall for the fallacy that they will be the people who keep you honest – only you can do that – but let them be your cheerleaders and encourage you, even on your worst days. They could also be great exercise buddies.

5. Don’t Go It Alone

A great place to meet friends who are interested in getting fit or staying in shape is at the gym. Though running on a treadmill isn’t the greatest place to make an introduction, hitting a spin class, can introduce you to a like-minded community. Working out with your family is another great option, and it encourages a culture of well-being. By age 75, most people have stopped moving their bodies. Keep your family young at heart by including them in an exercise routine.

6. Use Tech, but Know It’s Not the Ultimate Answer

Apps like MyFitnessPal and wearable tech like Fitbit are great, and they can really help you reach your fitness goals, but they should be treated as motivators. When you focus your goals too much on these sorts of aids, it sidesteps the ultimate goal, which shouldn’t be to beat yesterday’s numbers. Instead, think of fitness as something you are building up to. Those tools can help in the short term, but be cautious of caring too much about what they say.

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