The holidays are all about trying amazing new recipes. Whether it’s a seasonal side dish or an after dinner drink, this time of year whets our palettes with delicious flavors and ingredients. One ingredient that is fabulous for using in your holiday desserts is Kahlua. You can mix it in as a main ingredient, or use it in frosting and other toppings. If you want an excuse to deny your children sugary treats (there is alcohol in them!) while justifying yourself devouring them (there is alcohol in them!), try one of these incredible recipes.

source: Baker By Nature

1. Kahlua Chocolate Truffles

If you like your chocolate a little boozy and with a shot of energy, these truffles make a nice holiday party treat. Made with semisweet chocolate, Kahlua and espresso powder, don’t even try counting calories. It’ll be hard for you to eat just one of these!

Get this delicious recipe over at Baker By Nature.


2. Kahlua Cupcakes

Not only are these cupcakes made with Kahlua in the batter, they are made with Kahlua mixed into the frosting too. Talk about a double dose of deliciousness! I wouldn’t recommend serving these at a family function, but maybe you could whip them up for an adult holiday celebration.

Want to make these for your next shindig? You’ll find the recipe at

source: Sugar & Soul

3. Kahlua Chocolate Poke Cake

OMG, talk about rich flavor. This heavenly creation uses dark chocolate fudge cake mix, chocolate fudge pudding, chocolate chips AND chocolate sprinkles. And of course, there’s a little Kahlua mixed in. This is a chocolate lover’s dream come true!

Head over to Sugar & Soul for the full recipe.

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