As end of your pregnancy grows closer you might be starting to feel overwhelmed with how much you need to get done before your baby makes their arrival. I know I’m certainly starting to feel that way with just 9 weeks left. Holy moly! I decided to sit down and think about all the important things I’d like to get done during the next few weeks, whichΒ of course included some pampering, because what mama doesn’t deserve a bit a of R’n’R?


1. Pedicure/ Manicure

Pregnancy is hard work and you deserve some pampering. You are, after all, spending the better part of 10 (let be honest pregnancy is really 10 months) months growing a baby. I’m not one to get my nails done super regularly, but going all out for the full works just before my first baby was due was such a special treat. Who knows when you’re going to have time to get out and do it again after the baby arrives.


2. Date Night

Date your spouse. Take an evening, or day, close to your due date and take yourselves out on a fancy date. Spend time doing whatever it is you love to do together, it might be a while before you can single out some romantic one-on-one time in the near future. But don’t fret, it will return, just give yourself time to heal and get in the groove of your new routine.


3. Baby Moon

If you have the time and means, why not step it up and notch a take a baby moon with your significant other? This can be such a wonderful time to detach and focus on one another before your newborn arrives. I feel like this is especially a good idea if you already have kids, as we know alone time is hard to come by.


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