The last days of school are quickly approaching. Every year I am SO ready for the end of school. But then the summer hits, and I’m ready for school to start back up again! It’s a vicious cycle. But instead of approaching the end of the year by throwing in the towel and giving up paying attention to all that’s going on in my child’s classroom, I’ve decided to be more intentional and plan some last day of school traditions to enjoy with my kids.

last minute teacher gifts

1. Buy Or Create A Teacher Gift

My kids LOVE picking out teacher gifts. Every teacher deserves a special something for putting up with our kids for an entire school year!  You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to say “thank you.” We wanted to give you some great options. Here is a list of teacher gifts under $5 and this post is for all the procrastinators who need last minute gift ideas!


last day of school photo printables

2. Take A “Last Day Of School” Picture

I’m really great about taking the first day of school pictures! At that point, I’m pumped for school to be starting up again, everything is in order, kids look great, and a picture just seems like the logical next thing to do! The last day of school is more of a struggle. My kids eat stale granola bars on their way out the door, barely have their hair brushed, and I’m just counting down the hours until it’s summer and all the pressure of school is off of us all! But it’s also so fun to compare first days and last days! Kids grow so much and it often goes unnoticed without a side by side picture comparison. Use one of these printables to help document the last day! (Don’t forget to tag #lifeasmama in your last day of school pictures for a chance to be featured on our social media!)


last day of school traditions

3. Make A Nice Breakfast

Okay, so I mentioned stale granola bars, but this year I’m going to try to make the morning an enjoyable start to the day by investing a little more time into breakfast. As someone who can’t really cook, it’s not going to be too fancy, but maybe some pancakes or eggs instead of Cheerios! I don’t really like waking up extra early, so these overnight crock pot meals might be the best option for my family! Pick a fun out-of-the-ordinary breakfast and start making that a special last day of school event for your children to look forward to each year!


summer activities

4. Plan A Fun After-School Activity!

School’s out, summer is here, so how do you celebrate? Plan an extra special afternoon activity! Here is a list of 5 must-do summer activities. The night before, have your kids pick an activity from this list and plan to have it ready when they come home! This is a great way to welcome the break and spend time making memories with your kids!


Tell us in the comments all about YOUR last day of school traditions!

last day of school traditions


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