As a parent of a strong-willed child, there are a few things we regularly hear about our kids. I know we’re not the only people who fight over the importance of wearing pants when leaving the house. Toddlers as a general rule don’t love to listen to reason. However, there are some things us parents of particularly strong willed children know all too well.

strong-willed child

1. We’re Doing The Best We Can

Parenting a strong-willed child is not for the faint of heart. There are many times I have avoided a play date or group activity for fear of how my child may act and because my parenting will be forced into full display. Even though it may feel like an endless battle, we know we doing the absolute best we can.

2. That YOU Would Do It Differently

“If you just…” is probably the most heard comment to a parent of a strong-wiled child. Spanked more, yelled more, disciplined more, I can’t even tell you how many suggestions I have heard in regards to my daughters behavior. It’s amazing how many parents think they have the golden ticket to magically make kids behave themselves. Chances are we have tried most. if not all. of these “helpful” suggestions.

3. You Know You Are a Better Parent Because Of Them

Maybe you feel like you’re failing more then you are succeeding, but there is nothing like a strong-willed child for you to really dive deep and come up with creative and engaging solutions to make life a little simpler. They may take a little extra “work” but I like to think they are just helping make us better parents.

4. They Are Going To Do Great Things

The one thing I regularly tell myself about my daughter is how amazing these traits are going to be as she grows up. She will push boundaries and accomplish anything she sets her mind to. I know all of the things that make her difficult to parent now will just help her become a strong independent woman someday. It’s my job to direct her into passion into something great and not squash it out of her.


Strong-Willed Child


Ellice Vargas

Ellice Vargas

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