Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know the name Dr. Seuss. The children’s book author has been creating offbeat stories and characters since the 1920s. Even if you haven’t read all of his books, you’re probably familiar with some of his most popular works. And if your children have been exposed to Dr. Seuss, they probably really enjoy reading books, which means they would probably have a great time doing Dr. Seuss crafts.

If you need a few rainy day craft ideas, or want to celebrate the imaginative work of Dr. Seuss, these 5 crafts are super fun!

source: This Girl’s Life Blog

1. Thing 1 Hand Print

Paint and hand prints go hand in hand. (Haha, get it???) So naturally, this craft is a good one for kids who like playing with paint. Mom or dad can draw on the face and write the Thing 1, so this is a great bonding project. If you have more than one child, you could create as many “things” as there are children!

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source: Club Chica Circle

2. Dr. Seuss Hat Pencil Cup

If I had to guess with Dr. Seuss story has the most worldwide recognition, I would bet it’s The Cat In The Hat. That red and white striped hat is a symbol that anyone can identify upon seeing. So how much fun would it be for your kids to make their own and use it to hold pens & pencils?

Check out the tutorial on Club Chica Circle, where you can also learn how to make truffula tree pencils.

source: Vanessa’s Blog

3. Fox in Socks Puppet

After reading Fox in Socks, I can’t imagine how many kids ask for a new pair! It’s probably the one time any child would actually be happy to receive socks as a gift. If your little ones really like this foxy tale, a puppet by the same name would put a smile on their face.

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source: I Heart Crafty Things

4. One Fish Two Fish Cupcake Liner Craft

Not only will your kids get to experience the story of One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish through this craft, they’ll also have the opportunity to practice colors. While you could just use red and blue, adding more colors in will make this an educational project, and let your kids use their imaginations to expand on the story.

You’ll find instructions for making this on I Heart Crafty Things. Take a look at the other cupcake liner crafts while you’re there.

source: Surviving a Teacher’s Salary

5. Put Me In The Zoo Paper Plate Face

Paint, googly eyes, and pom poms are all you need for a fun craft! And this one is so cute. Sometimes as moms, it feels like we live in a zoo, so why not make a craft that honors our crazy lives? You could easily poke holes in the sides of this and pull an elastic string through to make a mask! Your kids would have so much fun acting out the story!

Take a look at the instructions for making this on Surviving a Teacher’s Salary</a

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