Kids love oozy, gooey, sticky and generally gross feeling stuff. That’s why we’ve done our research on homemade slime that we know they’ll love! We’ve found 5 recipes (even some Borax free ones!) that we know will keep your kids entertained for hours.



1. Frozen Slime


1 Bottle of Elmers white glue (8oz, or 2 4oz bottles)


1 tsp Borax

1/2 cup warm water




1. Squirt the entire bottle of glue into a bowl. Then fill the empty bottle with water, refix the cap and shake well to mix up remaining glue. Then pour the water and leftover glue into bowl with glue.

2. In a separate bowl, mix the Borax and warm water until well dissolved.

3. Combine the glue and borax/water mixture together until nice and goopy.

4. Add glitter and mix well. You’re done!


Be sure to store in an air tight container when not being used. This recipe is for white, snow-like slime. You can also use colored glitter glue, but be sure to increase the water to 1 cup when mixing with Borax.

Head over to for free printables that you can make into labels for your Frozen slime! She also has more slime recipes, like one that glows in in the dark!

Karly Wood

Karly Wood

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