Red and green may be the official colors of Christmas but they’re definitely difficult to combine when it comes to fashion. The two colors are on two separate sides of the color spectrum, which, unfortunately, causes them to clash quite a bit. When it comes to wrapping paper and Christmas tree decorations, this isn’t necessarily a problem, but our clothes are a whole different story.

If you are looking to celebrate the holiday spirit by donning the two colors this winter but still want to avoid those pesky fashion faux pas, you may want to take a few ideas from this post!



1. Go Dark

The traditional red and green Christmas colors are super bright and eye-catching but you may want to tone it down a bit with your style choices. Try selecting items that lean more towards darker, more romantic reds and greens. Your outfits will be just as stylish but slightly more subdued on the color front. The colors won’t be as immediately eye-catching, but you will have no problem getting away with wearing the iconic color duo.

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2. Have Fun with Plaid

Plaid may be preppy, but it is also super versatile and easy to transform. Lucky for us, it also has a way of turning weird color combinations into wearable fashion items. Finding a red and green plaid shirt shouldn’t be too difficult during this time of the year, but if you want to get a little extra creative, follow along with the ideas of the fashionista above and showcase your plaid under a bright, eye-catching sweater to add a little depth to your look.

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3. Wear Contrasting Shades

Even if you live in a city buried under mountains of snow during the winter season, getting playful and creative with pastels and other spring and summer colors is always an option. If you’re not so into the ideas of wearing darker versions of red and green to tone things down, you can spruce things up a little by pairing a bright red or green with a beautiful pastel color. In the photo above, the designer pairs bright Christmas red with a beautiful mint green. While the combination is definitely a little odd, you can see that it works extremely well.

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4. Rely On Accessories

It is normal to be a little weary when you’re making daring fashion choices so if wearing an entirely red and green ensemble scares you a bit, go the safer route and be festive with your accessories. Gorgeous green boots and a cute red beanie, saucy red pumps and a green clutch, the possibilities are almost endless and the choice is entirely up to you!

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5. Add Other Colors

When all else fails, you can always play your festive fashion choices off with a cool hologram skirt. But just in case you don’t have one of those lying around, you can use this gorgeous outfit as an example and follow suit by combining your red and green ensemble with a few other colors. Wear a solid color green sweater and a pair of pants that combines green with a few other colors. Doing this will allow you to feel as festive as you want to be without having to take too many fashion risks.

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