Ah, the weekend getaway. Relatively elusive to busy, working parents but almost constantly coveted. When you finally do find a suitable (read: trustworthy and affordable) babysitter, no one has to work, and you’ve saved up a little extra cash to play around with, the only things left is actually figuring out what you want to do. A lot of advertised weekend getaways involve expensive ski lodges and even super short mini cruises, but let’s be real, not many people have the time or the money for those things. We have compiled a short list of weekend getaway ideas for those times when you’re looking to get your romance on but aren’t up to traveling far or spending tons of cash.

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1. Go Camping

If you and your significant other are the types of people who enjoy the outdoors, camping provides the perfect opportunity for a weekend getaway. Somewhere in your state or city, there is perfectly “campable” land. Sometimes this land even includes cabins that you can rent out to enjoy a more luxurious experience. If you’re more into roughing it, you can hitch up a tent and enjoy the company of your lover under the stars and next to a crackling fire. Is there anything more romantic than that?


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2. Head To A Concert Nearby

When we were broke college students, this is something my husband, then boyfriend, and I would do often. Head to places like Stubhub and Songkick to find shows and concerts near you. Many smaller bands that play at smaller venues have tickets priced as low as $15. Take a mini trip to a new city, discover some new music, and have a great time!


3. Find A Cool Airbnb

Airbnb is an amazing surface that offers users super affordable places to stay when they travel. While many places allow people to actually stay with host families or simply rent a room, there are plenty of options that offer entire gorgeous lofts, apartments, and homes for the entirety of your stay. You can stay in an Airbnb in your city and stay in for the weekend or travel somewhere close. Either way, you can enjoy all the comforts a beautiful home has to offer at extremely reasonable prices.


4. Winery Weekend

While there may not be any big vineyards near you, there are probably plenty of wineries. A preliminary search will probably yield plenty of results, if not in your city, then one extremely near you. Most wineries have scheduled tours and classes. So you and your partner can easily make a weekend out of learning the wine making process and have a huge blast actually tasting the wine.

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5. Stay At A Casino

There are tons of things to do at casinos. Aside from the gambling and hotel rooms, there are often fun buffets, fine dining, swimming pools, spas and more. Even if you aren’t really into gambling it is pretty much a one stop shop of fun. You can almost always find deals on casino hotel rooms and restaurants and while it may not be the cheapest getaway out there, it might be one of the most fun.


Jordyn Smith

Jordyn Smith

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