You’ve been working hard, eating right and staying fit. But that was in the spring and summer, and winter is upon us. Cold days often mean comfort foods that don’t help your waistline, and you want to continue to eat healthy especially in the morning. If you can’t bear the idea of sipping on a chilly smoothie, why not opt for it’s warmer counterpart? Yes, there are hot smoothies! They are healthy, filling and perfect for those chilly fall and winter mornings.



1. Hot Chocolate Smoothie

While it sounds more like a dessert than a healthy option for breaking the fast, this hot chocolate smoothie is actually made with wholesome ingredients like nut butter and almond milk. Prepped the night before, all it takes is a whir in the blender and a few minutes on the stove to warm up this delicious smoothie that will keep your sweet tooth at bay.

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2. Cranberry Apple Hot Smoothie

Coming in at 178 calories, this cranberry apple hot smoothie will leaving you surprisingly full. Cranberries, ginger and cinnamon make this hot beverage a perfect partner for warming up on cool mornings, while also giving you a preview of holiday drinks to come.

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3. Hot Apple Cider Smoothie

Raw ingredients like apples, spinach and ginger are just a few of the nutrient-rich items found in this smoothie. Toss in extra supplements and protein powder to kick this smoothie up another notch. This recipe has me thinking of the holidays already!

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4. White Chocolate Coconut Cashew Hot Smoothie

Chocolate, banana, coconut, oats, nuts- they all come together in this creamy smoothie that will leave you satiated all morning. Blend everything cold and then add in warmed coconut milk in the end for a protein-packed smoothie that’s perfect served hot.

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5. Warm Apple Pie Smoothie

This apple pie smoothie tastes just like it’s namesake, but without the added calories and sugar. Apples, cinnamon and a handul of your favorite spices are all it takes to enjoy this apple pie look alike, but in a much healthier way.

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