When you become a mama for the first time, you get overwhelmed with emotions. The first few days, you feel overjoyed. Once you bring baby home, you feel anxious. And after the first few weeks, you feel exhausted (unfortunately, that never ends.) But through it all, one feeling remains: love. Pure, unconditional, how did I get so lucky? LOVE. Every moment with your baby, even the ones that make you want to sit and sob, or poke your eyeballs out, even those moments are ones you want to remember. Because someday, believe it or not, you’ll miss those moments!

But, you can use a special keepsake to hold onto those memories. Those first moments when your life truly began. You can keep something of your baby’s as a reminder of his first days, or you can create a memento and give it as a gift to a new mom. Cherish the time you have with your baby, and consider one of these ideas to permanently etch those memories into your mind.

source: This Grandma Is Fun

1. Newborn Baby Shadow Box

I love the idea of collecting items like your baby’s birth announcement, a diaper, her info card from the hospital, etc. and making a collage using a shadow box. Not only can you display it in the baby’s nursery, you can store it in a special place and pull it out anytime you want to reminisce. (Most likely not during the teenage years.)

This Grandma Is Fun has some great ideas for putting together a shadow box keepsake.


source: Make Life Lovely

2. DIY Metallic Hand Prints

You’ll get to keep the hand and footprints that the nurse takes of your baby at the hospital. But what about turning those prints into a work of art? There are tons of great ideas out there for ways to use your baby’s hand prints. This DIY project adds a hint of cool by using an embossing method that creates a metallic texture! The great thing about this idea is that it’s never too late to do it.

Check out the full tutorial over at Make Life Lovely.

source: It’s My Generation

3. Baby’s First Outfit

The first outfit you dress your baby in is incredibly special. That’s the first outfit she will wear as an official member of the “real world,” and it’s likely the outfit she’ll come home from the hospital in. Even if you don’t create anything with that outfit, it’s worth holding onto so that you’ll always have a way to go back to the day you officially become a mother.

You’ll find some great tips on choosing baby’s first outfit by visiting It’s My Generation.

source: Mimosas On The Porch

4. Receiving Blanket Toy

OMG I think this keepsake idea is my favorite! There’s a grandma with an Etsy shop who takes your baby’s hospital receiving blanket and turns it into a keepsake toy. You can choose a bear or a bunny, and even get baby’s name embroidered on it! This keepsake is one that your child could even pass down to her firstborn.

Head over to Mimosas On The Porch to learn more about this adorable idea, and find links to the Etsy shop.

source: Midwestern Moms

5. Christmas Ornament

If you’re one of those moms who likes hanging handmade ornaments on the Christmas tree, a keepsake ornament is really easy to make. Just get a large, clear ball that you can open, and stick special items inside. Baby’s hospital bracelet and hat are two that should fit with no problem, but you can add whatever else you like. Every year, you’ll get to see those precious memories hanging on your Christmas tree.

Take a look at Midwestern Moms to see a step-by-step tutorial.


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