I think the biggest questions facing Gilmore Girl fans on Friday, November 25th, is whether to binge watch all 4 (!) 90 minute episodes or whether to space them out and savor each one. Personally, I plan to binge watch them in true Gilmore fashion with an appropriate amount of food to go along. I think one of the most fun parts about these new episodes is the fact the rest of the Gilmore Girl fans in world are also losing their minds with excitement. Whether you plan to watch them at home, or with a group of your favorite girl friends, here are 5 things you’ll need for your Gilmore Girl viewing party.


Source: Popsugar

1. Food

And not just any food, all food. It wouldn’t be a true Gilmore Girls party if it didn’t have an obscene amount of junk food and wide variety of cuisines. Pizza, of course is a must, as well as Chinese food, Red Vines, Poptarts (because, they taste like, “freedom and rebellion and independence”) and M&M’s. If your not sure entirely what else you may need, make sure to re-watch the episode of Rory and Dean’s first date at home with Lorelai for full list of junk food options.


2. Coffee

Of course the obvious beverage of choice is coffee, preferably served in a soup bowl if optional. If not a one of these Luke’s diner mugs that you can snag for yourself here, will do, too.

3. Flannel

As tribute to everyones favorite diner owner be sure to include something flannel in your evening. It could be the blanket you plan to cuddle up under or even your favorite shirt. And why not throw on an old backwards baseball cap to really pay homage to Luke.

4. Jess, Logan or Dean?

Are you dying to know who Rory will end up with? If anyone? Who even knows how this is going to play out? I personally cannot even decide if I’m team Jess, or team Logan. I just know we need to put the whole Dean situation to bed now. You can show your loyalty by ordering shirts or making signs, (I love a good DIY) to have during your viewing party.

5. Friends

And because, it would be just wrong to spend such a momentous occasion alone.


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