We love when our littles come to us with a piece of art they have created, but sometimes, it’s just too often! We end up with piles of papers stacked high or drawers full of art that we don’t even make the time to appreciate! Well, we know how much you love your kids and want to encourage the little artist inside of them, so here are the 5 best ways to display your child’s artwork in your home:

display child's artwork

Source: Apartmenttherapy.com

1. Artwork Collage

Avoid the pileups and trying to decide which piece of art is your favorite and create a collage with several scanned images of your child’s art! It will be fun to retell the stories of the artwork years later and see several pieces at once!

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display child's artwork

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2. Brag Boards

Each child can have his/her own brag board! You can do this with a regular cork board and frame or with a decorative piece of wood and clips. Whatever way you make a brag board, your children will love seeing a spot in the home just for them!

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display child's artwork

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3. Cork Boards

Cork boards offer an inexpensive and easy way to display art! All you need are the boards and some tacks! When you are done with one display, take it down and tack up a new one! I love how the picture above personalized each board with the first letter of the child’s name. You can also customize by changing the colors of the frames or letting your kids create a piece of art using their names.

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display child's artwork

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4. Display Banners

All you need is some string and clothespins for this art display! In fact, your kids can do this themselves! This has been my “go-to” for showing off my creative little artists’ work and is a great way to start if you aren’t ready to commit to anything more permanent.

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display child's artwork

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5. Picture Frames

Picture frames can be used for more than regular pictures! Take frames and paint them to match a play room or your children’s rooms. Then allow your kids to replace the artwork as they choose! The picture above is a great example of what an art display gallery wall can look like when using a collage of picture frames!

If you aren’t into displaying your children’s art due to lack of space or children who produce more than you could ever dream to display, here are more ideas!

  • Create an email account for your children and send their works of art to them digitally!
  • Give it as a gift — grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, neighbors all would love to receive a thoughtful piece of snail mail from your kiddos! So pass it on!
  • Create a book! Click here for the instructions.

Tell us in the comments what YOU do with your children’s artwork!


display child's artwork


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