Water may keep you properly hydrated, but lemonade keeps you well satisfied on hot summer days. Homemade lemonade, especially, may not be the most sophisticated drink in the world, but it is definitely one of the best. These great recipes blend a summer staple with plenty of delicious alcohol to create lemonade drinks that are just as delicious as they are refreshing.

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1. Spiked Watermelon Lemonade

Just like lemonade, watermelons are known for being a refreshing summer staple. In this recipe, fresh watermelon is combined with a lemonade base and a few splashes of vodka to create a super refreshing spiked drink.

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2. Happy Hour Lemonade

This beautiful jar of homemade lemonade may look normal but alongside the fresh fruit and sugar lies plenty of gin, vodka and triple sec. This happy hour lemonade is absolutely perfect for those times when you need a little mid-afternoon pick me up.

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3. Adult Strawberry Lemonade

Homemade strawberry lemonade ice cubes are added to a whipped vodka infused lemonade drink in this fun, fruity little cocktail. Making this lemonade is super simple but the finished drink is cool enough to be served at all of your summer dinner parties and BBQ’s.

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4. Green Apple Lemonade Cocktail

Green apples are known for being a little more sour than red apples, this fun little lemonade cocktail takes advantage of that with the use of a bit of green apple vodka. When added with a regular lemonade base, the results create a cocktail that is absolutely unbelievable.

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5. Peach Lemonade Spritzer

Even if you don’t drink it out of a mason jar, there’s something about this peach lemonade spritzer that just makes you feel special. A special-made peach lemonade is filled with peach vodka, a few sliced fresh peaches, some basil leaves, and a bit of Barefoot White Wine Spritzer to bring it all together.

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6. Adult Pink Lemonade

In addition to being ridiculously pretty, everything about this pink lemonade is perfect for someone looking to make their favorite childhood drink a little more mature. Raspberry liqueur and vodka help give the lemonade it’s color, flavor, and fun little flair.

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adult lemonades


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