Chore charts present parents a fantastic way to teach their children responsibility in a cool, colorful, and organized way. Making comprehensive charts detailing all of your child’s responsibilities, from brushing their teeth in the morning to taking out the trash in the evening, is a great way to hold them accountable and keep from having to constantly remind them yourself. There are many different ways to showcase your kids’ responsibilities, from jars and popsicle sticks to more modern electronic versions. Today we’re sticking with old school charts. The charts on this list are fun, colorful, and almost cool enough to make your kids enjoy carrying out their daily chores.



1. Neat and Color Coded

While almost identical, these creative charts are coded based on gender and customized to fit each child’s specific needs and responsibilities. They are placed in a place that is easy for the kids to reach and see and durable enough to use for a long time.

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2. Cookie Sheets

These charts are a fantastic use of old cookie sheets and magnets. Instead of using paper or naming out each chore, the kids’ responsibilities are coded using little images on corresponding magnets. These charts are clever, colorful, and just plain cute.

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3. Command Center

This hallway command center uses numerous charts to outline the many responsibilities and activities of the kids and entire family. Some simple chalk paint makes the entire board writable, while clipboards hold the chore charts for each child’s chores. It provides the busy family with a genius way to keep track of things.

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4. Dry Erase Chore Chart

These printable, picture frame dry erase chore charts are perfect for older kids. They can sit on their desks or somewhere else in their bedrooms to serve as personal reminders for things that they have to do throughout the busy school week. All you need to make them is a few cheap supplies and some dry erase markers.

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5. Tic Tac To-Do

While these chore charts were technically created to take the monotony out of adult to do lists, they also work as perfectly as a great tool for making chores exciting for kids. These simple charts require very little effort on your end and easily turns your little ones’ responsibilities into a fun game.

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6. Work For Hire Chore Chart

This little chart is simple but mighty, an allowance based system is played out using extra responsibility cards. These charts are super easy to create, fun for the kids, and an organized way to keep track or chores and hand out allowances.

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