Cacti and succulents are super popular right now. Whether they’re being used as low-maintenance house plants or being turned into adorable crafts, just about everyone wants to have one. If you’re not so into the possibility of getting pricked with tiny little needles, these DIY projects will allow you to get your cute cactus fix without any fuss at all.


Source: Hello DIY

1. DIY Faux Cactus Neon Light

This light would look awesome on hung up on the wall in your office or a super cool addition to a living room. Using a simple piece of plywood, some paint, a few perfectly placed nails, and a string of lights, the cactus gives off a neon effect that always looks cool.

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2. DIY Cactus Ring Holder

This cutesy craft doubles as an awesome decor piece and as a holder for your jewelry. It is a polymer clay project that involves a bit of molding, some wait time, and some creative painting. It is an incredibly fun project that also serves at a great conversation piece.

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3. DIY Black & White Cactus Garland

Neutral enough to use alongside almost any decor, this adorable garland would look perfect in a play room, nursery, or any whimsical home. The cactus cutouts are made using painted cardboard and strung together with a bit of string. It doesn’t get any easier.

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4. DIY Cactus Wall Hooks

Another project that doubles as adorable home decor and a useful tool, these cactus wall hooks are just plain awesome. They are made using simple polymer clay, are easily crafted, and hung with dowel screws. This project is even simple enough to complete with older kids.

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5. DIY Cactus Pillow

Much more comfortable than and actual cactus but just as easy to care for, this DIY is almost too adorable not to make. While the project does require a sewing machine to complete, the whole process is actually rather simple.

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6. DIY Cactus Stool

This DIY is huge. Huge enough that it can be used as a stool, and ottoman, and a leaning post if you try hard enough. It’s also super easy to make as well. It uses a large plastic tub as the base and sewed material as the top. This is just about the only cactus you will ever be happy to sit on.

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