With the exception of snow days, the cold weather isn’t always an ideal environment for little ones to play in. Dreary skies and brisk winds aren’t typically very inviting. Sometimes, keeping your little ones indoors is your best bet for fighting off the cold and keeping them from getting sick. If you want to keep your kiddos from getting a case of cabin fever while they’re stationed inside the house, try these awesome indoor activities.


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1. Laundry Basket Skee Ball

This laundry basket Skee Ball is just as fun to put together as it is to play. Allow your little ones to enjoy their favorite arcade game with a few laundry baskets, some ball pit balls, and a cardboard box-turned-ramp. This activity is the epitome of fun and laid back.

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2. Q-Tip Blow Dart Game

Three extremely common materials are all you need to create a simple but fun game that will entertain your kids for hours. Just have them build a tower of plastic cups and have them try to knock them down using q-tips inside of straws. Let your little ones explore their competitive nature with this great game.

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3. Build A Frosty Snowman Kit

You don’t have to have a mountain of snow in your front yard to build an epic snowman. Your little ones can create their very own Olaf right in your living room with a clear window and some craft foam.

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4. Get The Kids Moving Game

A simple folded printable game is all you need to get your kids off the couch and away fro the screens and moving on their feet. Each side of the printable cubes features a different activity and a time measurement. This Get The Kids Moving Game is a great way to keep the entire family happy and healthy all winter long.

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5. Cereal Box Jet Packs

This activity doesn’t necessarily involve a specific game or activities, but if you think you can handle your kids running full speed around your house, these cereal box jet packs are some boredom busters.

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6. Plastic Cup Boredom Buster

Another fun plastic cup activity that requires very little materials or supervision, it seriously doesn’t get any easier than this boredom buster. You can even use this fun activity as a friendly competition booster.

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