Even with your faces planted on a television screen and your attention totally enraptured in something else, family movie nights offer an awesome chance for everyone in your family to come together and bond over something fun and entertaining. Whether you plan on using your movie to teach your kiddos a lesson about love, life, and friendship or you just want a little bit of literal cartoonish entertainment, Netflix offers a wide array of options to satisfy all of your viewing needs.

Sit back and rewatch a few old favorites or check out something new, these awesome family-friendly movies are full of great teaching moments and tons of laughs, just see for yourself!


1. The Boxtrolls – Rated PG

With its amazing animation style and enrapturing storyline, this adorable little movie actually scored itself an Academy Award nomination for Best Animated Feature. Cute little trolls and even more adorable kiddie heroes are the shining stars of this adventurous movie but the underlying story of standing up for what’s right and ridding yourself of judgmental thoughts plays an important role as well.



2. Home – Rated PG

This DreamWorks movie features some truly amazing animation, a cool purple alien, and a famous popstar voicing the main character. Home, like many of the films on this list, is all about learning the importance of home and family. It’s full of non-stop entertainment to keep the little ones enthralled until well after its finished.



3. The Prince of Egypt – Rated G

Outfitted with gorgeous animation, an Oscar-winning soundtrack, and an inspiring biblical storyline, The Prince of Egypt follows the story of Moses as he grows, changes, and parts the Red Sea. This Book of Exodus adaptation is completely enrapturing and somehow manages to be educational without any boring moments. Disclaimer: There’s no way you’ll leave this movie without at least one song stuck in your head.

THE LITTLE RASCALS, from left: Pete the dog, Bug Hall, 1994, © Universal

4. The Little Rascals – Rated PG

A classic remake of a classic television show, The Little Rascals never fails to be a thoroughly entertaining watch. Featuring a full cast of hilarious, precocious kids getting into quirky situations and acting like tiny little grownups, The Little Rascals will keep your kids on their toes and full of giggles. They also might start speaking like Alfalfa, but that’s totally not a downside.


5. Lilo & Stitch – Rated PG

Ohana means family, and family means no one gets to skip out on movie night, especially when this classic Disney movie is on the docket. This story about a little Hawaiian girl and her cute but slightly monstrous alien best friend has been a favorite amongst little ones since it premiered in 2002. Full of great lessons about family and friendship, you and your little ones will leave this movie feeling closer than ever.


6. Holes – Rated PG

If your kids are old enough to fully enjoy live-action films, let them back in the glory of a young Shia LaBeouf (pre Hollywood weirdness) and his gang of hilarious misfit friends as they get into shenanigans, learn the true meaning of friendship, oh, and dig holes. This film, which features grown-up favorites like John Voight and Sigourney Weaver, is also the companion of a book of the same name, that would make a perfect summer reading option.


Jordyn Smith

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