One thing I feel like they didn’t cover in my breastfeeding class before my daughter was born, was what you actually might need to make this whole nursing thing a bit easiest. As you may have discovered, breastfeeding comes with quite a few challenges, a lot which can be made easier with the help of some simple products. I’ve rounded up the 6 most important things I needed during my first nursing experience.

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1. Nursing Cover

While you certainly don’t have to use a cover when nursing in public, many mamas like myself feel most comfortable with a little privacy for myself and my babe. These handy covers means you don’t need to leave the room or head to the car overtime your baby needs to eat, which is basically every 5 seconds (or sure feels like it) when their a newborn. I would say, give this a go at home first before you try to use it in public. Nursing can sometimes feel like your all fingers and no thumbs to start with until you get the hang of it.



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2. Breast Pads

There are so many different types of breast pads out there, and most all do the same thing. Stop embarrassing leakage from occurring. I personally like to use disposable pads for the first month or so, because hello, who has time do extra laundry? However, I found as my milk regulated and I started to leak less, these reusable bamboo breast pads were so incredible soft and comfortable to wear, I almost didn’t even notice them.


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3. Nipple Cream

Please, please, please get yourself some nipple cream and pack it in your hospital bag. Sometimes it takes your baby a few goes to latch correctly, which can cause some major nipple soreness for you. Lather this on like crazy after each feed, especially during those first few weeks. I personally prefer a natural brand as I don’t want to be worrying about what my new baby might be ingesting along with their breastmilk.

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4. Nipple Shield

Some gun-ho breastfeeding mamas will tell you to stay far away from one of these bad boys. Well, personally, this little guy is what saved my breastfeeding relationship, and my nipples. If you are not sure if you need one, or if it’s working correctly, definitely reach out to a lactation consultant either during your hospital or once you are home. Sometimes babies just need a little help learning to latch, or your nipples need a break and a chance to heal and this can help.

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5. Gel Pads

Because engorgement and clogged ducts are real people. Do yourself a favor and grab some of these and stash them, in your freezer. The bonus, is they can also we warmed to help stimulate milk supply.

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6. Mother’s Milk Tea

While your certainly don’t need to mess with your supply right off the bat, it’s nice to have something to help give you a little boost if you see a dip in your supply later on. This tea can come in really handy for mamas who are struggling with producing enough milk for their little ones.


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