Can’t stop taking pictures of your baby? Me neither! Maybe it’s time to hire a professional. Working with a photographer who can capture your sweet baby will allow you to focus more on the moments, instead of worrying about getting the perfect shot. Now that we’re in the fall season, it’s a great time to get a fall photo shoot done of your little one.

Make sure to get these classic fall shots, using props you can easily find in nature or around your home.

1. Leaves

I mean, leaves are the epitome of fall. You can’t possibly take fall photos of your baby without using leaves. Not only do they make a great prop, your baby will love playing with them during the shoot. You’ll get a gorgeous backdrop, adorable smiles and memories to last a lifetime.



2. Pumpkin

You can do traditional pumpkin stuff, like sit your child among pumpkins at a pumpkin patch, or cut out holes out of the bottom and stick their legs through. Or, you can do something a little different like cut the top of the pumpkin off and use it as a hat for your baby. I like that idea! Not too much pumpkin, but still enough to be seasonal and cute!



3. Apples

Your baby is the “apple of your eye,” right? So imagine how cute he’ll look surrounded by apples. You don’t need to hit the apple orchard to get the perfect picture. Just buy a bag at the grocery store and set up shop in your backyard. After your sweetie is done smiling for the camera, bake a delicious apple pie!



4. Wooden Box

There’s something about a rustic wooden box that makes it fantastic to use as a prop for a fall photo shoot. Fill it with a cozy blanket and adorn it with leaves, berries or other fall elements. You don’t need to put clothes on your baby because the natural outdoors will provide plenty of colors and textures. Don’t be surprised if your baby falls asleep in the comfy box you’ve set up!


5. Wagon

Want to know what would look wheely cute? Your baby in a wagon! A red one is just right for fall, and I personally like vintage styles. Once your baby is older, she can ride in the wagon, and when she’s all grown up, she’ll have nothing but fond memories and can pass it down to the next generation. How cool is that?


6. Basket

Forget about picnic foods, put your baby in a basket! Children grow up way too fast, and you’ll want to remember when yours were small enough to fit in a basket. Dress it up with seasonal decor, and your little one will be fascinated with the sights, sounds and smells.


Leena Kollar

Leena Kollar

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Leena Kollar