Whether you refer it to an exercise ball, swiss ball, yoga ball, or a stability ball, the big round spheres are the ultimate exercise companion. In addition to being extremely lightweight, stability balls are used during physical therapy sessions and professional athlete training as well as regular exercise.

They may be a little difficult to get used to at first, but stability balls force your body to focus on staying balanced during your workout which helps your muscles stay more engaged. Many ball workouts focus on the overall core and abdominal muscles but the ones on this list target many different parts of the body. Work on your buns, tone your thighs, and get your entire body into shape with these awesome workouts!

1. Full Body Pilates Ball Workout

Due to its help with increased flexibility, endurance, and strength, pilates has been increasingly popular in recent years. Using only a yoga mat, a stability ball, and your body, this workout utilizes a series of awesome exercises like ab curls and scissors, that help sculpt the core and properly workout the rest of your body in under 15 minutes.


2. Leg, Glute, and Inner Thigh Stability Ball Workout

Your legs and glutes can be firmed, toned, and sculpted with more than just squats. This stability ball workout is short, sweet, and super intensive. Specific exercises that target the hamstrings, the butt, and the thighs are utilized with the help of a simple stability ball. This great workout can be done just about anywhere you can find a bit of free space and anytime you can free up about six minutes.


3. Core & More Stability Ball Workout

Stability balls are known for being super great core-strengthening aides. This video, created especially for stability ball beginners, features 12 different core-flexing exercises that work to strengthen and stabilize. This intensive workout encourages you to use the ball in a myriad of different ways, for balancing to lifting, if you’re in need of a workout that helps get you comfortable with using your new ball and has a great effect on your body, this is it!


4. Stability Ball Leg Workout

A little more low key and less intensive than some of the other workouts on this list, this leg-centric stability ball workout makes for a great warm up but is also extremely buildable. A series of wall squats, single leg lunges, and marching planks come together to form a workout that will have your legs looking slimmer and more tones in no time at all.


5. Lower Back Stability Ball Workout

The lower back isn’t an area of the body that is thought of as needed to be worked out, but the state of your lower back actually has a huge effect on the rest of your body. Completed in about 10 minutes, this video starts out by helping you find the right size stability ball and even teaching you how to properly balance on it and finishes with exercises that flex your core and strengthen your lower back.


6. Ultimate Full Body Fit Ball Workout

Another great full body workout, this time a little longer, that uses the stability ball to focus on and tone almost every part of the body. Used for balance, lifting, and to challenge, the stability ball obviously plays a huge part in this workout. Timing in at a little over 35 minutes, this ball workout is perfect for those early morning/late night exercise kicks.



Jordyn Smith

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