Watermelon is a summer staple. Crunchy, juicy, and colorful, nothing hits the spot on a hot summer day than a slice or two of a freshly picked watermelon. In addition to being delicious, watermelons also happen to be super cute. And as we all know, cute fruits make for even cuter crafts. Have your kids follow up a great snack with an even greater crafting project.

Watermelon crafts

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1. Watermelon Play Dough

This watermelon Play Dough has about six ingredients. Instead of dyes or scented oils, the craft calls for a bit of watermelon flavored KOOL-Aid drink mix, which makes the dough fun to play with and entirely kid-safe as well.

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Watermelon crafts

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2. Puffy Paint Watermelon

As long as your little ones have a general idea of what a watermelon looks like, they’ll do great with this puffy paint craft. The actual paint is made using shaving cream, school glue, and food coloring. The simplicity of it all makes this craft quick, fun. and cheap.

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Watermelon crafts

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3. Paper Watermelon Windsock

These watermelon windsocks make fun crafts for your kids and great summer decoration for your home. They are made using colorful construction paper and crepe streamers. Depending on the ages of your kids you may have to help a bit with the stapling but the project is otherwise definitely something that little hands can do on their own.

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Watermelon crafts

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4. Popsicle Stick Watermelon Slices

This crafting project is tied closely to a fun children’s book, which means that it could make a simple summer lesson for the kids a lot more fun. Popsicle sticks and card stock among a few other easily accessible materials make this craft fun and easy.

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Watermelon crafts

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5. Watermelon Plate Purse

These little watermelon paper plate purses are the perfect summer accessories for little girls. They are crazy cute, easy to make, and surprisingly durable, which makes them perfect for dress up play and activities outside of the house.

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Watermelon crafts

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6. Watermelon Tie Dye Shirt

Tie dye projects are always fun, and while they may be messy, they also turn into something super cute that your child can actually wear. This watermelon shirt requires a pretty specific technique, which means that the project is hand-on for both mommy and child, but the entire project is too fun to pass up.

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watermelon crafts


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