Picking out a baby name can be hard, especially if you are on the hunt for something unique, yet not too unusual. As you are narrowing down your list of names here are some simple tests to see if this is the right name for your babe.

1. Doctors Office Test

Try imagining your baby’s name being yelled out in a quiet doctors office. Are you ready to cringe or are you loving the way it sounds? This is a surefire way to quickly figure out if this is the right name for you.

2. Initials

When picking our your new babes name, make sure to consider what their initials will be. You may love the sound of Zach Isaac Turner, but do you really think your child wants to be the kid whose name spells out ZIT? I think not.

3. Popularity

While there is certainly nothing wrong with picking a classic or well known name, you may want to take into consideration what names are trending that year. There is a good chance that if you pick any name off the top 10 list your kid will have 5 other Hunters in their kindergarten class.

4. Nicknames

Even if you do not plan to give your child a nickname, you cannot stop that from happening at school or even from family members. If you are picking, for example, Kennedy for a girls name, make sure you really like Ken or Kenny because it’s bound to come up at some point.

5. Can People Pronounce it?

As someone who grew up with a commonly mispronounced name, it’s one of the first things I think about when picking out names for our kids. Of course, you can’t avoid this completely as there will always be that one person that can’t figure out the difference between Diane and Dianna. But for the most part if you you decide to name your kid something hard to pronounce, just know they are going to spend 85% of their life correcting people. Or maybe they’ll just do what I do and let them call you whatever the heck they want.

6. Can People Spell It?

And I don’t mean your local Starbucks barista- we all know they can butcher even the simplest of names. But seriously, if you are going to name you little girl Emily, stick to the classic spelling. Do you really want your child to have to say, “Emilie, with an IE” for the rest of her life?

7. Ignore The Critics

So…. I say this with a pinch of salt. Because, some people really should listen to the critics if this list of baby names is anything to go by. But in all seriousness, there will always be someone who doesn’t like the name you have picked out, and if that person is your mother-in-law just ignore the comments and go with the name you and your partner have picked out. It’s your baby and thus, your decision.

Ellice Vargas

Ellice Vargas

I'm a British gal and mama to one sweet daughter. I love a good DIY project, interior design and photography. When I'm not writing for Life As Mama, I'm traveling as much as I can with my little family and filling up my camera roll with snapshots of our life.