Did you have a favorite stuffed animal when you were a kid? I did. Mine was this cute little monkey, who I loved so much, his arm is about to fall off. I’ve passed him down to my son because I just can’t stand to part with him!

For many kids, a cuddly teddy bear is the perfect pal. My little guy has a few bears he likes to sleep with, and I don’t blame him. There’s something about the furry teddy bear that makes anyone happy. In honor of National Teddy Bear Day on September 9th, here are a few fun ways to celebrate the day with your teddy bear lovers!

source: Cutting Tiny Bites

1. Make A Teddy Bear Craft

Nothing says “I love teddy bears” like a fun craft project. And this one is so simple! You’ll need a handful of supplies, but the most important thing you’ll need is your imagination.

Head over to Cutting Tiny Bites for information on making this paper plate teddy bear face.


source: Hungry Happenings

2. Make Chocolate Pretzel Pops

What kid would ever turn down a delicious snack like a chocolate covered pretzel rod? These are so adorable, and you could even put on a little puppet show before devouring them.

Check out the instructions for making these at Hungry Happenings.

source: My Kid Craft

3. Make Teddy Bear Toast

When your little teddy bear snuggler wakes up in the morning, have a cute piece of teddy bear toast ready for them. This is a healthy breakfast that your tot is sure to enjoy, and it’s the perfect way to start a day full of celebrating teddy bears!

Hop over to My Kid Craft for the full list of ingredients you’ll need to make this.

source: Coffee Cups and Crayons

4. Make A Paper Bag Puppet

After enjoying a teddy bear themed lunch, break out the craft supplies and make a teddy bear puppet army. Get creative with the characters (or should I say, bear-achters) and put on a show with your kids.

Coffee Cups and Crayons has details on making these, along with lots of other great activities to try.

source: Like Mother Like Daughter

5. Make Bear Cookies

You can’t have a celebration without cookies! Isn’t that the rule? When it comes to National Teddy Bear Day, it is. This special day deserves a very special treat, and these rich cookies will definitely do the trick.

Get the low down on this cookie goodness over at Like Mother Like Daughter.

source: Build-A-Bear Workshop

6. Make A Trip To Build-A-Bear

How can you possibly celebrate National Teddy Bear Day without a trip to Build-A-Bear? Even if your child already has that favorite teddy that she sleeps with every night, she deserves the chance to find that bedtime buddy a friend.

Stop by your local Build-A-Bear, or visit the store’s website to shop for your child’s next teddy bear bedmate.


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