Black Friday. A day when bargain shoppers across the country sacrifice sleep, family time and a relaxing day at home to take advantage of mega sales that they hope will save them money on their holiday shopping. I’ve attempted Black Friday shopping once or twice, but I’ve never saved enough money to warrant jumping on the crazy train to the nearest Target at 1 a.m. (Yes, I think ya’ll are CRAZY!)

So if you’re like me, and you’d rather spend your time doing something else -anything else- besides fighting crowds and long lines at stores, here are a few suggestions on other ways to spend Black Friday that might be more enjoyable.

1. Take Family Photos

This time of year is beautiful, so it’s a great time to have nice family photos taken. Even if you don’t hire a professional photographer, you can set up a tripod and snap away in your backyard or a nearby park. You could use this as an opportunity to take photos for your family Christmas cards. Or, just dress up nice and capture photographic memories you can hang on your wall until next year!


2. Spend Time Outdoors

Bundle everybody up and take a stroll around the block. The brisk fall air might do you some good and help everyone to feel relaxed. Plus, taking a walk is a great way to burn off some of those Thanksgiving dinner pounds. You could also go to a local park, play catch in the backyard or take a family bike ride.

3. Do Some Baking

If you’re a homebody, Black Friday is a great time for getting some holiday baking done. The kids will enjoy helping, and it’s a great way for them to develop culinary skills. If they get enough practice now, they’ll be experts by Christmas, when it’s time to really put those baking skills to use!

4. Have A Movie Marathon

Couch potatoes don’t generally hit Black Friday sales. I’m right there with you! Let this day be a “Netflix and chill” day where the whole family sits around watching your favorite holiday movies. It’s not the most productive use of time, but we could all use a little R & R once in awhile.

5. Start Decorating For Christmas

If you haven’t already, Black Friday is a good time to pull out the Christmas decorations. With Turkey Day officially over, it’s time for Old Saint Nick and Rudolph to come out of hiding. Let each member of the family choose something to decorate (the fireplace, the kitchen, etc.) and deck your home out together.


6. Volunteer Your Time

It’s important that we remind our children how fortunate they are, especially around the holidays. The best way to do this is to expose them to people who aren’t so lucky. Whether it’s feeding the homeless, working on a Habitat For Humanity build, or visiting seniors at a retirement home, go as a family and volunteer to make other people’s Black Friday a little less blue.


Leena Kollar

Leena Kollar

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Leena Kollar