Denim shorts have been a summer fashion staple since what seems to be the beginning of time. Choppy, frayed cutoffs, perfectly cuffed shorts, and the ever fashionable Bermudas. Just as there are many different types of denim shorts, there are tons of different ways to style them. Whether you want to keep things casual or bring out your elegant style, these fashion-forward examples are sure to keep you looking great all summer long.



1. Pumps & Vests

This look is the perfect combination of chic and laid-back. Paying homage to the ’90s, the black and white striped top pairs beautifully with the knee-length collared vest and the slightly frayed denim cutoffs, keeping the look comfortable but understated and fashionable. The black pumps, statement bag, and Panama hat are the perfect, simple accessories to pair with this outfit.

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2. Clean & Simple

You can never go wrong with a simple white button down, especially when you pair it with a pair of dark denim shorts and matching sneakers. This look is clean, stylish, and super easy to accomplish. Simply procure a white button down (or steal one from your husband) and tuck it securely into your shorts, pairing it with a clean pair of sneakers and statement-making bag.

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3. Soft & Ripped

The soft, lacy top in this outfit may be gorgeous, but it is the stylishly ripped denim shorts that really steal the show. The lightly-colored shorts are artfully ripped along the front, slightly drawing attention away from the less important parts of the outfit. The simple lace shirt is beautiful and flowy, but understated enough that it doesn’t distract from the shorts and make the entire outfit seem too busy.

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4. Preppy & Plaid

You can never go wrong with a nice pair of denim Bermuda shorts. The knee-length shorts are form-fitting without being too tights and stylish enough to transition into a day-to-night outfit when paired with the right top and accessories. This particular outfit, though, is perfect for those breezy summer days when you’re feeling a little preppy and really stylish. The slightly loose-fitting plaid shirt is cuffed at the sleeves, making it look even more casual, but the presence of the low-heeled red sandals not only add a great pop of color, but keep the outfit from being too simplistic as well.

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5. Ruffles & Accessories

This is the perfect outfit to wear to on a brunch date, out to a summer day party, or anywhere else where casual elegance is the dress code. The gorgeous ruffled blouse pairs surprisingly well with the pair of slightly loose, cuffed denim shorts and with the presence of an animal print tote bag and a clunky statement necklace. This fit is the epitome of comfortable and chic.

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6. Light & Flowy

Embrace your inner flower child by pairing your denim shorts with a loose, flowy top. If it isn’t too hot where you live, matching a pair of light-washed textured denim shorts with a long-sleeved, loose blouse and a nice pair of nude colored wedges. The outfit is majorly comfortable and stylish enough to wear in a number of different settings.

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