Whether it is your child’s first loose tooth or their tenth, losing a tooth is always an exciting experience for kids. To you, missing teeth is a telltale sign that your precious little baby is growing up. But to your kids, losing a tooth or two is the perfect chance to get a fun little visit from the tooth fairy. Typically, the mommy and daddy tooth fairy process is super simple. A tooth is exchanged for a little money and everyone is happy. If your family’s tooth fairy is looking to get a little more creative, however, these are some pretty great ideas.

Tooth Fairy Ideas

Source: littleredwindow.com

1. DIY Tooth Fairy Lost Tooth Box

This little tooth fairy box is adorable, simple, and the perfect place for your little one to store their fallen tooth and the tooth fairy to place her money. Made out of an old plastic floss container, this box is spray painted gold and decorated with vinyl letters. The entire process is super simple but makes a huge difference.

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Tooth Fairy

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2. Glittery DIY Tooth Fairy Coins

If you aren’t too keen on giving out “real” money for lost teeth, you can make your very own glittery tooth fairy coins. Using real pennies, dimes, nickels, etc, these coins are created with glitter and spray paint. Your little ones get plenty of cute, sparkly money and maybe even a chance to exchange them for extra playtime or snacks around the house.

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Tooth Fairy DIY

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3. DIY Tooth Fairy Door

Some kids are a little more inquisitive, this adorable DIY tooth fairy door provides your little ones with actual proof that they’ve been visited by a tooth fairy. This door is made out of Sculpey clay and can be placed on pretty much any open space of wall in your home or your child’s bedroom. The project is relatively easy, super fun, and too frickin’ cute!

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Tooth Fairy Printable

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4. Tooth Fairy Certificate Printable

This tooth fairy certificate printable doesn’t require a lot of work but it sure is clever! Given directly from the tooth fairy, this certificate gives your little one a rundown of the tooth fairy’s collection process and also encourages them to keep their teeth clean and healthy.

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Tooth Fairy Dust

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5. DIY Tooth Fairy Dust Pendant

Sure, the tooth fairy leaves behind money with every tooth, but giving your little ones something as magical as her fairy dust is priceless. These little pendants are filled with glitter and magic. They are super easy to make and the perfect piece of jewelry for your kiddos.

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Tooth Fairy DIY

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6. DIY Tooth Fairy Bags

These little teeth shaped pouches give the tooth fairy the perfect place to find teeth and store money. They are super low key and very easy to make too! You can give them adorable faces or personalize them for each of your children. All you need are a few muslin bags and some household needle and thread.

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Tooth Fairy Printable

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7. Tooth Fairy Door Hanger Printable

Another great printable, this little door hanger shows your kiddo proof that they were visited by the tooth fairy without requiring much work on your part.

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