Whether you have a small family of three or a household that holds seven, keeping your home organized is pretty difficult. No matter how big or small your home is, it is inevitable that things will get misplaced, cluttered, and downright messy every now and again. A lot of times, in an effort to move things out of sight and straighten up quickly, we tend to shove things in drawers, closets, and underneath things, leaving the clutter for another day but end up creating an even bigger mess in the process.

There are tons of organization tips out there. But if you’re short on time, materials, and funds, many of them may not be very useful to you. These hacks are very simplistic, extremely cheap, and total live savers.

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1. Dollar Store Bathroom Drawer Organization

Just about everyone has at least one or two drawers in their house dedicated to “junk,” but more often than not, the rest of our drawers are just as messy. If you want to combat draw clutter, invest in a few small plastic baskets to solve your problem. The baskets typically cost about $1 but make a world of difference.

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2. DIY Industrial Farmhouse Storage Drawers

These drawers may look like something you’d pick up from your local Pottery Barn, but they are actually the exact opposite. A couple cheap plastic dollar store drawer organizers can be used to organize things in any room of your home while also being less of an eyesore with a simple makeover.

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3. DIY Weathered “Wood” Pantry Crates

The whole point of a having a pantry is being afforded a place to store and organize your food in a way that makes it extremely accessible. Unfortunately, real life gets in the way of being able to keep an immaculate pantry at all times, but these “wood” crates definitely help. Make using old cardboard diaper boxes and some faux wood craft paper, you can transform your pantry in minutes.

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4. Bread Tag Wire Distinguishers

Organizing and distinguishing wires is a nightmare no matter how great the rest of your house looks. To combat confusion, tangling, and frustration, use a few old bread ties accurately label each plug in your home.

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5. Bookshelf Turned Storage Bench

Depending on where you search (IKEA, target, etc.) bookshelves are surprisingly cheap. This idea, allows you to turn a simple bookshelf into a storage device, a room feature, and some pretty great seating. The entire process is extremely simple but makes a huge difference!

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6. Knife Rack Toy Organizer

Magnetic knife racks have more uses keeping sharp tools away from kiddie fingers and making your knives more accessible, they also make some pretty great toy organizers. When hung up in a child’s bedroom or playroom, the racks can be used to perfectly store any magnetic toys (specifically toy cars) in a way that look adorable and keeps clutter to a minimum.

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7. DIY Cereal Box Desk Organizer

Who knew a cereal box could look so cool? A simple cereal box, contact paper of your choosing, and careful cutting can provide you with the perfect tool to store magazines, recipes, files, and mail anywhere in your home!

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