Crafting and DIY projects offer the perfect opportunity for mothers and daughters to bond. Even if the two of you don’t normally think of yourselves as the craftiest pair, sitting together and making something, no matter how it turns out, is a great experience. The projects on this list range from everything to adorable sneakers to bedroom accessories, but all the them are cute, fun, and easy to create.



1. DIY Painted Ice Cream Sprinkle Shoes

Turn any pair simple white canvas shoes into an adorable sprinkle covered dream with this easy DIY project. All this project calls for is a pair of white sneakers, a few colorful satin paints, and a bit of creativity.

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2. DIY Colorful Hammock Chair

Nothing says cool like a colorful hammock chair hanging from the ceiling of your bedroom. Especially when it’s a hammock chair that you’ve created by yourself. Let your daughter release her inner artist with this cool project.

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3. DIY Neon Letter Light

Let your little girl light up her room with this awesome neon letter light. A bit of neon rope light, an understanding of cursive lettering, and a few other materials are all you need to help turn your daughter’s bedroom into the coolest place on the block.

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4. DIY Glittery Graphic Pencil Cases

Nothing screams teenage girl more than glitter covered school supplies. These pencil cases are the epitome of cool and cutesy; created using stencil templates, glitter, and heaps of confetti, they may make a mess of your kitchen table but they’re definitely worth it.

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ice dye project


5. DIY Ice Dye Pillows

This amazing Ice Dye DIY is kind of like tie dye, only 10 times cooler. Using white pillow fabric, dye, and a few other materials, the effect is created with only one color instead of a rainbow of them. These pillows make fantastic decorations in any bedroom and are super easy to customize.

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6. DIY Unicorn Lamp

It may not look like it, but this DIY project is just as cheap as it is easy to make. The project calls for a simple, stylish lamp, some gold spray paint, and an old school Barbie Unicorn. The project does require the use of a drill and a few screws but it’s pretty easy lifting after that.

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7. DIY Conversation Heart Rings

It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day in order for you to enjoy a few conversation hearts, especially not when they’re in the form of some adorable DIY rings. Made using glue, heart molds, and paint. Let your daughter give them out to her besties or keep them for the two of you.

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