Decorative mugs make great cool but simple gifts for just about any occasion. And aside from being the perfect way to express your love of your favorite book series, designs, or funny sayings, they’re just plain awesome. Luckily, decorative mugs are also surprisingly easy to make. Especially if you have a few permanent markers handy. Give them as gifts or keep them all for yourself, either way, you definitely need to try these sharpie mug DIY’s.



1. DIY Harry Potter Sharpie Mugs

What better way to commemorate the wonderful world of Harry Potter than to drink your morning coffee out of an adorable themed mug! These mugs are made using simple black oil-based sharpies and printable stencils. They are extremely easy to make and infinitely cool.

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2. DIY Polka Dot Mug

Whether they’re small and colorful or big and white, polka dots never get old. This DIY uses a plethora of Sharpie markers and a few cheap circular stickers to make this awesome mug sparkle.

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3. DIY His and Hers Sharpie Mugs

No happy couple should be without matching mugs, and if the two of you get to make them together, then that’s even more adorable. Simple white mugs and black oil-based Sharpies are all you need to complete this craft.

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4. DIY Sharpie Engagement Mug

Engagements and weddings are super sentimental, as is, but when you throw in a few adorable, handmade gifts, you take things to an entirely new level. These engagement mugs are easy to make ridiculously fun to give out as presents.

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5. DIY Scalloped Sharpie Mug

Take a walk on the glamorous side with this DIY scalloped Sharpie mug. The design, while seemingly intricate, is actually very easy to make. All you need is a gold permanent marker and a steady hand.

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6. DIY Sharpie Mustache Mugs

It doesn’t get any easier than these adorable little mustache mugs. The project involves a homemade cardboard mustache stencil and not much else.

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7. DIY Darth Vader Sharpie Mug

Any Star Wars fanatic in your life (including yourself) would go nuts over this mug. While it was originally created as an awesome Father’s Day gift, it can easily be modified to fit any dark sided geek.

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