Easter is right around the corner and kids are already excited about what they will find in their Easter baskets! Candy is typically a common “go-to” because you can’t go wrong. But you can be sure your kids will receive enough candy between school parties and egg hunts! Outside of chocolate bunnies and marshmellow peeps, we have you covered with Easter basket gift ideas we know your children will love!

Easter basket gift ideas

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1. Legos

Legos are great for imaginative play! This classic creativity box includes a basic set with a guide for building lots of different creations. It’s perfect for the beginner but also has three levels of building complexity. Raising our kids in a world where so much is done for them and entertainment is constantly at their fingertips, developing their imagination is not always top on their list of priorities. Help foster creativity by giving your children toys that can be built with a simple idea and a little added effort.

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Easter basket gift ideas

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2. When God Made You

I have heard raving reviews about this book. Every child has a unique personality and purpose in this world. Children are often unsure about what that looks like or they feel intimidated to spread their wings and fly. This book helps children discover what makes them different and offers reassurance that each child belongs and is deeply loved — an important message for all!

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Easter basket gift ideas

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3. Umbrella 

Rain is never fun to tackle with children. But you can make sure you are more prepared this spring and summer by including an umbrella in your children’s Easter baskets! There are so many different ones to choose from, so pick one that fits your child’s interest and likes! Plus, this makes for great springtime entertainment. Send your children outside with some boots and an umbrella, and if they’re anything like mine, they will enjoy twirling, singing, and splashing in the puddles!

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Easter basket gift ideas

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4. Personalized Beach Towel

Do you have beach plans, or in my case, Lake plans coming up? You’ll need a beach towel! My siblings and I grew up fighting over beach towels designed with our favorite Disney characters. To avoid this same issue, personalize your children’s towels and save yourself from lessons on “sharing” while you’re trying to enjoy your time at the beach. Ask each child ahead of time to pick out his/her favorite towel before you order so that it’s personalized even more!

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5. Flip Flops

Every child needs flip flops during the warm season. Instead of waiting to buy this summer, include them in your children’s Easter baskets. This is not only practical, but it will also get your kids excited for those hot summer days!

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6. Jumbo Paint Brushes

Every kid has a little artist inside of them. Support your children’s creativity by giving them washable sidewalk chalk paints! Watch them turn ordinary sidewalks into works of art! Not only will they enjoy creating, but all the mess will be kept outside! Win-win!

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7. Shovel and Pail Set

There are so many things children can do with a simple shovel and pail. They can play with sensory boxes full of rice or pasta inside or head outdoors to explore the mud, rocks, and sand. This set can be used all-year-round for those who experience snow during the winter months. This even makes a great basket to hold the other Easter surprises you have planned for your littles!

Tell us in the comments, what are your favorite things to include in your children’s Easter baskets?

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