If you were to ask your kids what the best thing about Halloween is, I’d guess their answer would be “all the candy!” But Halloween doesn’t just have to be about ringing people’s doorbells to get loaded up on sugar. You can have family fun at home by playing games that are festive. Invite all your children’s friends and some neighbors over for a Halloween bash, and try some of these silly games to get everybody laughing.

source: Ella Claire

1. Pin The Spider On The Web

Kids parties are no longer just about a game involving a tail and a donkey. There are so many more variations of this classic game now, it’s almost become a rite of passage. One idea for Halloween is this cute version involving a web and a spider. I personally don’t want to touch spiders in any form, but I’m sure kids would get a kick (or a crawl) out of this creepy guessing game.

Head over to Ella Claire for links to the printables and check out the other seasonal entertainment ideas while you’re there.


source: Delia Creates

2. Pumpkin Patch Stomp

If I told my son that there were balloons filled with candy, and he could stomp on them to get the goodies out, he wouldn’t hesitate to start stomping all over. This is such an easy way to entertain kids, and it gives them a challenge. You can have them race to see who can pop the most balloons first, and the winner gets to keep all the candy (or donate it?).

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source: A Girl & A Glue Gun

3. Pumpkin Bowling

Got some empty tins, cans or jars you aren’t sure what to do with? Decorate them with Halloween designs and set up a game of pumpkin bowling! You can find printable designs, or use scrapbook supplies to decorate the “pins.” Fill them with treats, and when the kids knock them down, they get to keep whatever is inside.

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source: Artsy Fartsy Mama

4. Halloween Bingo

Work on your children’s recognition skills by playing a game of Halloween Bingo with them. Instead of crossing off each square with a pen, use something festive like candy to mark them out. The kids will have lots of fun with a unique way to play the game.

There are printables for the game and calling pieces available on Artsy Fartsy Mama.

source: DIY Network

5. Spider Egg Toss

Here we go again with spiders! Except this time, you use cotton balls that are supposed to be spider eggs. I think I could handle that. This game requires wrapping masking tape around hula hoops to create sticky spiderwebs that the kids must try and get the spider eggs to stick to. This game can be played by single players or in teams.

Get the full spiderweb making tutorial from DIY Network.

source: Tried & True

6. Feed The Monster

My little guy is still in his dinosaur phase. (Meaning, everything in his life revolves around dinosaurs.) And while monsters aren’t exactly in the same family as dinosaurs, little kids sort of see them as one and the same. So if you’ve got littles who love all things that roar, this game will be a hit! They’ll love making a monster with you, and of course, feeding the scary creature will be exciting too.

For instructions on crafting a monster, head over to Tried & True.

source: Pint Sized Treasures

7. Pumpkin Twister

Not everything on Halloween has to be scary. Sometimes it’s nice to celebrate the season in addition to the holiday. In fact, this game could be played anytime during fall. Not only is it fun, it’s also a great way for the kids to squeeze in some physical fitness. And of course, if mom and dad play too, that’s even more entertaining!

Pint Sized Treasures has the links and instructions for making this DIY game.


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