The holidays are approaching and hopefully you are thinking about it with excitement instead of dread. We mothers tend to want to spoil all of our loved ones with gifts which often results in stressful shopping as we try and find the perfect gift while not breaking the bank. I can’t tell you how many times my list grows through the holidays as I come up with more people who I can/should/want to buy a gift for. I know many moms feel the same way, and want their children’s teachers to get some sort of holiday token from their family. If the teachers in your lives made your Christmas list, then check out this simple list of affordable gifts they will love.



1.  Elf Mason Jar

No teacher will turn down candy for the holidays, because the sugar and caffeine is probably what keeps them going the entire day! Instead of tossing them a wrapped bag of M & M’s, you can create an adorable jar that looks like an elf, and fill with green candy! All you need is the jar, some buttons, a little felt and candy. This is such a creative gift that any teacher would love.

Check out for a free printable, and also ideas for a Santa and Snowman mason jar gift!


wrapping paper


2. Wrapping Paper

If there’s one thing everyone needs during the holidays, it’s wrapping paper! I love getting new paper every year, because you can never have enough variety. Teachers don’t want junk for the holidays, and even though your intentions of getting them a festive desk chotckie may have been good, they probably have years and years worth of that stuff already. You can buy quality wrapping paper at Hobby Lobby (its ALWAYS 50% off!) and tape at the dollar store. Tie together with a cute tag and you have a gift that won’t go to waste!

Head over to for a free and festive poem to go along with this simple gift!



3. Red Box Movie, Popcorn & Drink

These days, going to the movie is no cheap affair, and most of us would rather watch in the comfort of our own home (and elastic waisted pajama pants) anyways. Red Box movies are the cheapest way to rent a movie, coming in at just $1! You can purchase codes on the Red Box website and pair with a small bottle of soda and a popcorn bag. You teacher will love the creativity, and movie rentals are never a waste!

Visit for 14 more awesome Christmas gift ideas for teachers!

thanks a latte


4. Gift Cards

Ahh, the gift that nobody likes to talk about but everyone secretly wants. You may think a $5 gift card to a teacher is a measly gift, but how often are you sad when you get a gift card that gets you your favorite cup of coffee, or pays for something you may otherwise not buy with you own money? Teachers LOVE gifts they can actually use, so make it easy on yourself and go with a gift card for coffee, their favorite fast food place, or to Target (because, really, who DOESN’T love Target?).

Check out for this free gift card holder printable, along with tons of other awesome craft and gift ideas.

mistle toe nail polish


5. Mistle Toe Polish

Every woman I know appreciates painted toe nails and you can’t go wrong with a fresh, festive color as a teacher gift with a cute note. You can find TONS of shades and brands that all come in under $5, so you won’t have a problem keeping this a budget friendly and very thoughtful gift.

If you love this printable, then head over to for a free download and tutorial!

festive christmas teacher gifts


6. Kitchen Goodies

Aside from basic school supplies, teachers probably don’t need much for their classroom. Unless you are already opting to get them supplies for their class (which I’ve heard the LOVE!), you can get a cute kitchen utensil that does double duty with an adorable tag, like this one. You can find very inexpensive kitchen gadgets at stores like Home Goods, and fill it with their favorite candy. This would also be a great housewarming or neighbor gift!

Head over to for this free printable as well!

scentsational hand soal


7. Seasonal Hand Soap

The people at Bath & Body Works have me definitely figured out because as soon as the season hand goals are out, you can bet I’m stocking up on enough soaps to fill my 3 bathrooms with only the season’s fragrances. Teachers love hand soaps for the classrooms or home, so this is a gift they won’t turn away. You can pair with with a cute ribbon and an even cuter note to make this a truly festive gift.

Be sure to visit for a free printable and even more ideas on great gifts for this season!

Christmas teacher gifts

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