“Deck the halls with boughs of holly…” err..deck your front porch with Christmas decor! My favorite time of year is Christmas, and I love a well decorated home. Your front porch is one area where many people are going to pass by. Your neighbors can gauge the amount of Christmas cheer you have by how decorated your porch is. Maybe you like a simple look, with just a wreath hanging up. Or maybe you’re that house on the street that goes all out with the Christmas lights, and people drive by just to check it out.

No matter what, a seasonal front porch can give your home a major dose of holiday spirit with just a few festive touches. Get inspired by these ideas as you start planning your front porch presentation for Christmas.

source: Talk Of The House

1. Beautiful Bows

You know why moms love putting bows in their little girl’s hair? Because bows are pretty! That’s why we adorn our Christmas trees, wreaths and presents with bows too. It’s amazing how just a few bows on your front door can bring your porch to life. Add a tiny, lit Christmas tree and a radio flyer wagon so the kids can make their mark too.

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source: Tatertots & Jello

2. Modern Design

Want to decorate for Christmas, but your style is not traditional? You can take standard Christmas decor like a wreath and put your own modern twist on it. Go with colors like pink and blue, and combine them with traditional colors to create a festive look that is fun and contemporary.

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source: Liz Marie Blog

3. Cozy & Relaxed

When I think of sitting on my front porch, I get a feeling of relaxation. I love breathing in the fresh air, feeling the breeze and enjoying the quiet that my home so often lacks. I tend to equate Christmastime with serenity too. It’s such a peaceful holiday, not just because of what it represents, but because of how it makes me feel. I can think of no better way to decorate a front porch for Christmas than in a way that is cozy and relaxing.

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source: Serendipity Refined

4. Colorful & Busy

I think in many ways, the way we decorate our home is a reflection of our personality. People who are more outgoing tend to choose brighter colors and busier patterns, whereas people who are more reserved prefer mellow colors and prints. So if you’re the life of the party, I bet your front porch looks colorful and fun like this one! I would definitely stop and stare if I saw a front porch decked out like this.

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source: Celebrating Everyday Life

5. Hot Cocoa Bar

Ok, if ever there was a genius idea, this is it. Want to bring your neighborhood together? Set up a hot cocoa bar on your front porch. Not only is it a way to learn more about the people in your community and others who visit, it’s also seriously adorable and creative. You could even convert it to a lemonade stand in the summer!

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source: HGTV

6. Traditional Colors

Traditions are traditions for a reason. They’ll never go out of style and can go on for as long as we let them. Red and green, for example, are traditional Christmas colors. When you pair the two together, you can’t help but think of the holiday. Decorating your front porch in red and green is a classic way to celebrate Christmas.

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source: Southern Seazons

7. Outside Family Room

A bench and a blanket are two must-haves for a front porch with enough room to create a sitting area. I love the idea of re-creating your family room on your front porch; of bringing the indoors outside. Add a decorative throw pillow, wreath and a couple miniature Christmas trees to the layout, and you’ve got the perfect little spot to enjoy a cup of hot cocoa while you wait for Santa.

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