When it comes to boredom-busting activities that keep kids engaged and help them learn, you just can’t beat science. Fizzing funnies, cool colors, and sensory overloads, the hands-on nature of science experiments appeals to the childlike wonder in all of us.

Kids and adults alike have a tendency to get a little restless over winter break. Between the anticipation of waiting for Christmas to arrive and being housebound because of the weather conditions, everyone is looking for something to do besides sit in front of the tv all day. These awesome science experiments are a great way to bond, have fun, and learn something new while kissing that boredom goodbye!

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1. Frozen Bubbles

Not only are these frozen bubbles a great science experiment but they make for amazingly beautiful photos as well. A simple homemade bubble recipe, a bowl and a straw, and some time spent bundled up out in the cold, and your little ones can make and marvel at their own frozen bubbles!

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2. Frozen Erupting Snowballs

Inspired by the ever popular Disney movie Frozen, these colorful erupting snowballs are the perfect winter activities. The snowballs are made with homemade baking soda dough, colored with watercolor paint or food coloring, then prompted to fizz up with some simple vinegar. This experiment is super easy to put together, fun to complete, and easy for the kids to help every step along the way.

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3. Winter Scent Lab

Half the fun of this winter scent lab is finding the specific scents you want to use and putting it together. Using common materials like cinnamon sticks, vanilla extract, and coffee grounds, items with specific scents are mixed water, let to sit for about a day, then removed from the water so that they can’t be identified by sight. The kiddos are then prompted to match the scent jars with the list of scents they know where included. This experiment can last over the course of a couple days and be a great source of fun and mystery for everyone involved.

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4. Building Igloos

Luckily, this igloo building activity doesn’t require you or the kids to actually get your hands dirty with anything other than delicious little marshmallows. As a great engineering experiment, this activity encourages kids to construct their own structurally sound igloos with tiny marshmallows and toothpicks. Minimal mess, very little materials, and a truly delicious cleanup, this experiment is a win-win!

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5. Crystal Snowflakes

These aren’t the kind of crystals that taste like sugary goodness, but that doesn’t make this experiment any less fun. Borax, pipe cleaners, and tons of focus can turn simple materials into crystals that make great creations and awesome holiday decorations.

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6. Hot Chocolate Surprise

This science experiment works amazing as a good-natured trick. Prepare a bit of hot chocolate mix with some baking soda, get a cup of vinegar, and ask your little ones if they want to make their own hot chocolate. The bubbly, exploding results will tickle them pink! If you’re worried about a mess, place down a towel or two and don’t forget to record the shock and awe on their faces for future laughs.

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7. Sink or Float

Using winter items like candy canes, cranberries, and gift bows, your little ones can learn the physics behind floating and buoyancy and help hone in on their scientific prediction skills. This experiment is super easy to complete but incredibly fun and educational at the same time, which makes it the perfect winter break activity.

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