If there’s one winter “rite of passage” that happens when it snows in my yard, it’s building a snowman. And that’s thanks to my man child husband! Don’t get me wrong, my kids love helping daddy, but they couldn’t care less if Frosty makes an appearance or not. Some kids don’t get to build a snowman because they don’t live somewhere that gets snow. For those kids, the next best thing is to build a snowman indoors using craft supplies and other household objects.

No, DIY snowmen that you make in your kitchen aren’t nearly as fun as the ones you build in the actual snow, but your kids will still have a great time working with you on these because time with mom or dad is always the best!

source: Crafts By Amanda

1. Foam Cup Snowman

Grab those foam cups you have leftover in your pantry and put them to use in the form of an adorable snowman. Give him felt scarves and earmuffs, and paint on his eyes with a sharpie. Your kids will still experience “building” their own snowman, and they won’t have to worry about him melting away!

Head over to Crafts By Amanda to get the full tutorial.


source: Happy Home Fairy

2. Popsicle Stick Snowman Door Hanger

Do your kids love snowmen so much that they would hang one on their bedroom door handle? If so, sit down and help them make a snowman door hanger with popsicle sticks. They’ll have so much fun “piecing together” the snowman, and this project will allow them to express their creativity.

Check out the supplies list and instructions at Happy Home Fairy.

source: Kelsey Bang

3. Snowman Light Bulb Ornaments

Glitter? Puffy paint? Spray glue? Your kids will go crazy over this snowman craft! Not only is it fun to make, it’s something they can hang on the Christmas tree and show off with pride. Plus, if you’ve got some light bulbs that need to be replaced, use the old ones to turn trash into art.

You’ll find everything you need for making these at Kelsey Bang.

source: Kix Cereal

4. Recycled Cereal Box Snowman

Before you toss that empty cereal box, grab some white paper or paint and cover it. Then, look through your scrapbook supplies drawer, or around your house for items that would make a cute snowman. Your kids will find lots of things to use, and it’s great to let their imaginations run wild! Once “snowman season” is over, go ahead and recycle that box. Tell the kids it was time for Frosty to go back to the North Pole.

Kix Cereal has a tutorial for this craft that you should check out.

source: I Heart Crafty Things

5. Bottle Cap Printed Snowman

Once you’ve gone through your next gallon of milk, keep the cap and use it to do this colorful and cute snowman craft. You and your kids can work together to create a piece of art worth hanging on your refrigerator all winter long. This is a project that you could hold onto in your child’s memory box, so that in twenty years when they’re looking through it, they’ll be reminded of how much they enjoyed making this with you.

Check out the how-to for this on I Heart Crafty Things.

source: Crazy Little Projects

6. Baby Food Jar Snowman Ornament

Start saving those empty baby food jars, pickle jars and applesauce jars, because a creative Christmas ornament is about to be made from them. With some acrylic paint and ribbon, this is an easy craft that your kids will enjoy doing with you. Use small jars or big jars, or use both to create a cute little snowman family!

You’ll find this tutorial on Crazy Little Projects.

source: Club Chica Circle

7. Snowman Mason Jar Luminary

How cool would it be to trade in your child’s current night light for something more seasonal? I love the idea of making this luminary snowman jar and using it as a night light for your child’s room during winter. You could also display it on your fireplace, coffee table or front porch. It also doubles as an ornament! This fun (but messy) project should definitely be on your to-do list this holiday season.

Check out Club Chica Circle for the supplies you’ll need, along with the instructions.


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