Wood Slice decor has come a long way since the 1970’s, when it was all too common to find renderings of the Last Supper or covered wagons migrating to the West, depicted on slabs of wood. While I always love a vintage design, let’s just say- that just ain’t my style.  The crafter in me loves to take otherwise ordinary items and turn them into something beautiful and that’s why I’m totally on board with all the wood slice crafts floating around Pinterest these days. Here are just 7 that I fully intend to try out.


Source: GardenTherapy.ca

1. Wood Slice Coasters

Beautifully rustic and seriously easy, these natural branch coasters are the perfect addition to your summer cabin or man cave. Created with a hand saw and a straight wooden branch, then coated in clear varnish, you’ve never seen such a rich and earthy coaster in your entire life! This is the perfect craft for a novice crafter.

Visit GardenTherapy.ca for this tutorial, along with other garden projects and recipes.



Source: ANightOwlBlog.com

2. Painted Wood Slice Pumpkins

Wood slice crafts fit right in with the upcoming fall season. They make you think of leaves falling from trees and harvest time. These painted pumpkins are the perfect use of wood slices, and are easy to create. Some simple craft paint upon wood slices of varying sizes are all you need to make these unique and festive pumpkins come to life.

You can grab all the steps for this simple tutorial over at ANightOwlBlog.com, along with tons of other beautiful craft ideas.


Source: TheCraftedLife.com

3. Wood Slice Key Holder

Hanging your keys up is has never been so exciting, when you’re using this hand-crafted wood slab key holder. Basic color block painting, some fun lettering and a few drilled holes are all you need to turn an otherwise boring wood slice into a functional and unique piece for your home. Oh, and never lose your keys again!

You’ll love TheCraftedLife.com when you visit to get this tutorial!


Source: Suburble.com

4. Wood Slice Magnets

Maybe you’re not quite sure about this whole wood slice decor thing, and you want to ease in gently? Well give these magnets a go, because they are simple and just the right way to start incorporating wood slices into your home. Stickers, stamps or free hand painting, along with some magnets will result in these adorable magnets, perfect for the fridge.

This craft couldn’t get much easier, but head over to Suburble.com for all the details!


Source: BeYourOwnSunshine.com

5. Wood Slice Wall Art

When you’re tired of printables and framed art, wood slice wall art is here to save the day. Pick out a favorite quote or phrase and slap it down onto a simple wood slice for the ultimate in unique decor. Even if your home isn’t styled in rustic or vintage decor, wood slices still add some great texture to any style.

BeYourOwnSunshine.com has some great tips on creating a picture perfect wood slice piece of wall art!


Source: BecomingMartha.com

6. Wood Slice Wreath

Crafted with mini wood slices, this wreath is perfect for any time of year. Glue wood to any size embroidery hoop and adorn with fabric or ribbon for a finished look. It would be equally simple to swap out your bow with seasonal colors and fabric to use this wreath year round.

You’ll love all the crafts found over at BecomingMartha.com!


Source: PracticallyFunctional.com

7. Wood Slice Ornaments

Wood slice ornaments are the perfect gift or way to add handmade items to your holiday traditions. Simple tools such as stickers or stamps, along with a small drill and twine are all it takes to create heartfelt ornaments like these. They would be great as teacher gifts, and to set as an annual tradition with the kids.

Check out the easy tips on making your own wood slice ornaments over at PracticallyFunctional.com.


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