As much as I love spending my free time watching cool Youtube makeup tutorials and staring longingly every time I pass Sephora in the mall, the thought of finding the time or the motivation to put on makeup every day is almost laughable as a mother. All of the components that come with putting on a full face of makeup can be intimidating and very time consuming.

Luckily, with the help of one very useful video streaming platform and with the assistance of countless online beauty gurus, I’ve been making great strides when it comes to the speedy makeup routine.

All of the tutorials on this list are amazing! Super easy, using variants of products you probably already own, and completed in 10 minutes or less. No need to wake up any earlier to “put your face on”.


1. 5 Minute Drugstore Makeup Tutorial

This tutorial is completed, entirely, using drugstore makeup products. Five minutes are all you need to carve out for this routine. A lightweight foundation is followed with simple brow defining, and a little bit of touching up. This look is just as perfect for the office as it is for playdates.


Jordyn Smith

Jordyn Smith

A city girl currently living it up in the south with my little family. I love baking, hoarding makeup, and daydreaming. If I'm not writing, I'm probably trying to think up weird pizza recipes or watching Property Brothers.

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