Pinecones may be a bit of a pest when it comes to yard work but they make they also make fantastic crafting tools. Their fun shape and cool texture give them the ability to be turned into just about anything. Pinecones make great Christmas tree ornaments, fun little trinkets, and even cool crowns.

Try one or a few of these fun, simple pinecone crafts to keep the kids entertained and creating over winter break. Some of them are holiday themed and some aren’t, but they are all incredibly adorable.



1. Pinecone Penguin Ornament

The almost unbearable cuteness of penguins should never be underestimated. Even when turned into ornaments they never fail to be the most adorable thing in the world. These funny guys are made using paint, felt, and wooden beads. The entire process is simple enough for younger kids to complete with a little help and the end results are too cute not to proudly display.

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2. Pinecone Christmas Trees

Have your little create their own versions of a Christmas tree with this easy pinecone craft. Green paint and colorful pom poms, along with the pinecones, are pretty much all they need to get creative and have tons of fun!

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3. Pinecone Reindeer

Hang them from the tree or use them as adorable decorations around the house, either way, these pinecone reindeer can’t help but get you in the Christmas spirit. Googly eyes, cloth, and pom poms play a big part in this craft but their reindeer are super easy to put together and a total joy to look at.

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4. Frosty Pinecones

Sweet, simple, and covered in glitter is a great way to describe this pinecone craft. These pinecones are painted with craft paint then dusted with gorgeous glitter to give off a frosty effect. You can even hot glue on some ribbon to turn them into ornaments!

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5. Pinecone Elves

With their little scarves and colorful hats, these pinecone elves are nothing less than absolutely adorable. Finishing this project is pretty simple, instead of colorful craft paint, these elves are put together with felt, wooden balls, and good old fashioned hot glue. The tutorial is simple enough for the kiddos to create with little supervision and they look great just about anywhere around the house!

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6. Pinecone Bunnies

Bunny crafts aren’t specific to Easter, you and your little ones can enjoy the excitement of adorable bunnies during the winter time too! This crafts doesn’t require any paint or excessive work, only the careful cutting and gluing of adorable bunny ears, googly eyes, and wispy whiskers.

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7. Pinecone Crown

It’s always the right time to don a colorful crown made of pinecones! Your kiddos can paint their cones all on their own with whatever fun colors they want and while they made need some help tying them together with string, it is definitely a project they can complete on their own.

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