When it comes to kids and painting, a lot of parents would rather the messy stuff be left at school and as far away from walls, nice furniture, and carpets as possible. Still, we can’t deny that painting is not only a fun activity for bored little ones, but a great way for them to express their creative sides as well.

When well contained, like on the safety of the (easy to clean) kitchen floor or out in the driveway, the inevitable mess that comes along with painting activities can be reduced and easily manageable.  Some of these projects are as simple as squirting a water gun filled with paint as a canvas and other are a little more challenging, but every single one of them is more enjoyable than the next.

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1. Sponge Painted Butterfly

This project is perfect for bring in the spring season. A simple butterfly template can be put together with or without the help of the little ones, but the fun part is all them! Using some craft paint and a bath sponge, your kiddos can decorate their blossoming butterflies in any way that see fit.

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2. Squirt Gun Painting

This project doesn’t take much finesse or require any careful painting. It’s mostly just plain fun. Set up a couple easels in your yard, fill a few squirt guns with as much paint as possible, and don’t be afraid to let the kids have a ball.

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3. Edible Paint Rainbow Bread

What’s better than a craft that you can have a great time with and use to fill up your tummy after the fact. This edible paint is completely DIY, using food coloring and sugar to create the effect. Try using it on bread before lunch or other food items that taste just as great!

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4. Painted Monster Rocks

You don’t have to save the fun monster crafts for Halloween. Too adorable to be scary and fun enough to keep them busy, this craft is so easy that it requires very little supervision, but tons of creativity.

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5. Q-Tip Painted Handprint Cherry Blossom Tree

There’s nothing like a good old fashioned handprint craft. Especially not one as beautiful as this one. The entire project is super simple but the outcome is so gorgeous you won’t ever want to take it off of your fridge.

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6. Cleaning Brush Painting

Let your kiddos release their inner abstract artist with this ridiculously fun project. Using a simple canvas, some paint, and any cleaning brushes you have laying around, give the little ones a chance to go nuts and be messy.

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7. The Mixed-Up Chameleon Paint Mixing

This painting project is perfect for smaller kids and for those times when you really don’t feel like cleaning up a big mess after a project. A simple drawn on Chameleon can allow your kids to mix paints in the cutest way possible.

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