Even people without children often struggle to maintain healthy lives. But as mothers. the addition of being responsible for others while also trying to juggle self-care can sometimes seem impossible. Staying healthy requires more than just an hour at the gym a couple times a week. It requires strength, dedication, and hard work but these simple tips will see you through.



1. Make Sure You’re Well Rested

Sleep plays a huge part in the state of your overall health. Give yourself a proper bedtime that fits in with your busy schedule but also allows you to get a sufficient amount of sleep. Getting enough rest will not only leave you well energized for the day ahead but serve as a precursor to other healthy lifestyle choices.




2. Include The Entire Family

A great way to change your lifestyle choices to fit in healthier decisions is to include the entire family. Don’t try to go it alone, include your partner and your kids in your plans. Get rid of over-processed foods, set specific meal times, and get active together. Having a proper support system will do wonders for keeping you motivated and healthy.


3. Use Your Kids

Busy kids are some of the best (and cheapest) exercise tools there are. Instead of sending them out to play alone or watching them from a comfy bench in the park, get out there and run around with them. Play chase, ride bikes, go on hikes. Not only will this keep your kids happy and healthy but it will give you a fantastic chance to bond with them while getting in some much-needed workout time.



4. Pre-Plan Your Meals

Whether you’re doing it for the week, or even the month, taking the time to pre-plan your upcoming meals is a great way to stay on track with your healthy eating. Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, you should plan out your meals according to your specific dietary needs and favorite foods. Doing this will save you time in the grocery store and seriously come in handy on those nights when you’re blanking on what to cook.

Tip: Remember to add date nights and make some room for restaurant meals in your plans. It is just as important to allow yourself a bit of leniency in your plans as it is to keep healthy.


5. Make Time For Yourself

Proper self-care is just as important to your health as a proper diet and regular exercise. Even if it’s 15 minutes every evening for an extravagant skincare routine or an hour every Sunday to enjoy a relaxing bubble bath, remember to take some time out to enjoy your own company.


6. Stay Properly Hydrated

Water is right up there with a proper, nutritious diet when it comes to staying healthy. Adults are supposed to drink at least 2 liters of water every day, making it imperative to your health. Keep a filled water bottle with you throughout the day, refilling it when necessary and drinking from it often. Replace those sugary sodas you love with water for even better results.


7. Snack Smart

Snacking is an unavoidable part of life. Those times when you’re hungry but not hungry enough to have a full meal can lead you to make some pretty unhealthy food choices. Instead of a bag of chips or sugary cookies, try snacking on fresh fruits and veggies, healthy trail mix, or mixed nuts. There are tons of delicious, healthy snacking options out there waiting for you to take advantage of them.



Jordyn Smith

Jordyn Smith

A city girl currently living it up in the south with my little family. I love baking, hoarding makeup, and daydreaming. If I'm not writing, I'm probably trying to think up weird pizza recipes or watching Property Brothers.