Kids are interesting little creatures. Put a plate full of green veggies in front of them, and they act like you’ve asked them to lick the bottom of their foot. Put a bowl full of green ice cream in front of them, and suddenly green is their favorite color. My little guy often tells me he doesn’t want to eat the “green or red stuff” in his food, which means anything it touches is tainted.

So how can we get our kids to be more open to healthy eating? Well, there are no guarantees, but making mealtime fun is one way to try. I’m talking about serving our kiddos food in fun shapes. In particular, sandwiches. There are so many creative ways to put a sandwich together, and you can load it up with lots of healthy fixings. Take a look at these adorable sandwich varieties and see how quickly your kids gobble them up.

source: CBC Canada

1. Animal Sandwiches

I mean, how cute are these? You could get so creative with which animals to do, and your kids would be so impressed by your talent. These wouldn’t exactly fit in your child’s mouth easily, but I bet they would have lots of fun picking apart the animals piece by piece and cackling as they bite the various body parts.

Take a closer look at these super cute sandwiches on CBC Canada.


source: Kids Activities Blog

2. School Book Sandwiches

Encourage healthy eating and literacy with school book sandwiches. These are really impressive! Your kids can take a “bite out of knowledge” without having to do any homework! And I bet they’ll have the coolest lunch out of any of their friends.

Head over to Kids Activities Blog to learn how to make these.

source: About a Mom

3. Race Car Sandwich

Holy cuteness! Who knew a sandwich could be so artistic? If you’ve got a car lovin’ kiddo, they’ll definitely get excited about lunchtime with this awesome work of food art. There’s a good chance they’ll play with the food before actually eating it, so I guess this could even double as a pre-lunch toy!

Check out About a Mom, where you’ll find everything you need to construct this, as well as other fun sandwich ideas.

source: Bent on Better Lunches

4. Popsicle Sandwich

Every time I go to the grocery store with my kids, my little guy asks to get popsicles. But with the weather dropping into the 30s, I have to tell him no because it’s too cold. Maybe I can win him over with a popsicle shaped PB & J sandwich…

You’ve got to check out the amazing selection of sandwich shapes from Bent on Better Lunches!

source: My Fussy Eater

5. Butterfly Sandwich

Awww, it’s so pretty! I’d probably have to do a few test sandwiches until I could reach this level of perfection, but that’s ok because I’d have an excuse to push this onto my children several times. We haven’t encountered many real butterflies before, so this would be a great way to talk more about the fluttering creature.

For tips on making a butterfly shaped sandwich, stop by My Fussy Eater.

source: In The Playroom

6. Lego Sandwiches

Whoa dude, check these out! Legos in edible form? Totally cool! Both of my kids enjoy playing with Legos, so I’m sure a Lego sandwich would rock their worlds. If your kids have a large Lego collection, I’m sure they’d devour these sandwiches in no time.

Learn how to make these, as well as Lego brownies, at In The Playroom.


7. Captain America Shield Sandwich

Have an Avengers fanatic for a child? I do, and I can totally picture his eyes lighting up at the sight of this Captain America sandwich. It’s pretty rad, and my guy would totally show all of his friends at school. Send your superhero off with a fun sandwich that will earn him a few extra cool dude points.

Head over to for the instructions on making this.



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