Stocking stuffers are simultaneously one of the coolest and most difficult Christmas gift-giving traditions. While not as expensive or flashy as the big presents under the tree, stocking stuffers are definitely just as special. Stuffers can be accessories that pair perfectly with main gifts, or they can be adorable little trinkets that are great all on their own. If you need a few great stocking stuffer ideas for the fun-loving teenage girls in your life, look no further than this list.



1. Designer Temporary Tattoos

Teenagers and tattoos definitely don’t mix. Unless, of course, the tattoos are these amazing designer temporary ones. Adorable, hand drawn, and super inexpensive, Tattly temporary tattoos are completely body safe and gorgeous enough to show off anywhere. This company offers everything from classy floral pieces to adorable child-like doodles. These tats are cool, artistic, and amazing as gifts.

Head over to Tattly to find more cool temporary tattoo designs.



2. Specialty Hashtag Pencils

One can never have too many pencils. Especially if those pencils are colorful and etched in super #relatable hashtags. Harvest Paper Co. somehow manages to make you want to handwrite a five-page essay with their line of engraved pencils. Even if your teen decides to use them as desk decor rather than actual writing utensils, these pencils are sure to be a huge hit.

Find these pencils and more cute paper products at Harvest Paper Co. .



3. Bluetooth Phone Camera Remote

Who doesn’t want a product that makes taking selfies way easier and even more fun? This Bluetooth phone camera remote works on both Apple and Samsung products and allows you to take photos without even touching your phone or having to rely on those pesky timers. As an even bigger plus, these little remotes are available in a wide variety of colors and is priced at under $25.

Visit HISY to find more handy cellphone accessories.



4. Work It Out Water Bottle

Teenagers need to stay just as hydrated as adults, if not more so. A great way to help them veer from the path of sugary sodas and endless energy drinks is by giving them an awesome water bottle to show off. Cute, simple, and large enough to hold 24 oz of water, this bottle is BPA and lead free. It is the perfect accessory for any thirsty girl.

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5. Patterned Weekly Planner

Sure, these days just about everyone tends to designate all of their plans to their phones and computers, but you definitely can’t beat the greatness of a personal planner. These trendy planners will definitely help your favorite teenage girl appreciate the simpler things in life while keeping track of their oh-so-important social life.

Mochi Things is full of unique, affordable stationary and office supplies.



6. Assorted Nail Polish Set

Much like love and cookies, you can never have too much nail polish. From neon pink to forest green, there’s beauty in ever varnish color out there. This Urban Outfitters set comes with six different but equally gorgeous shades. From matte to glossy to full of glitter, this set has the perfect option for any occasion.

Find clothes, beauty products, home goods, and more at Urban Outfitters.



7. Gourmet Chocolate Bar

When it comes to gifts, you can never go wrong with a delicious chocolate bar. Especially when that chocolate bar tastes like coffee and donuts, birthday cake, or apple pie. For under $10 your loved one can enjoy the gift of some of the best gourmet chocolate in the world. Made with organic chocolate and the best ingredients on the market, she’ll be nibbling on one of these bars for months.

Find more delicious chocolate goodies at Compartes.




8. “Good Vibes Only” Marble Phone Case

To a teenager, the only thing that feels as cool getting the phone of their dreams is getting the phone case of their wildest fantasies. This case is the perfect combination of chic and artsy and the best part? This case is available for just about every semi-popular cell phone on the market right now.

Find more gorgeous phone cases at CaseMagics.



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