As a mom, I wear sneakers more than any other style of shoe. But my sneakers are old, ugly and so last season. I’ve been wanting to get a cute pair of canvas sneakers, since they’re coming back in style, but I haven’t been able to start my search for them yet.

If you’re too busy to shop for comfy, stylish canvas sneakers, there is an alternative. Go the DIY route and customize them to fit your taste! You can probably find a plain white pair of canvas shoes at your local craft store, and with one of these 8 projects, you can design them in a way that is just right for you.

source: DIY Candy

1. Iron On Floral Pattern Shoes

For something feminine and floral, this DIY technique involves ironing a pattern that gets printed onto transfer paper. It’s super easy to do, and won’t take more than a few minutes. Swap out the shoelaces to make your sneakers extra unique!

Learn how to do this over on DIY Candy.


source: I Spy DIY

2. Pineapple Marker Sneakers

You can actually add a really cool design to your sneakers with markers! Pineapples are always fun, and not that difficult to draw. If you have any artistic talent, you can pull this off! All you need is a pencil, a permanent marker and a few fabric markers.

Get the full tutorial from I Spy DIY.

source: Pumps & Iron

3. Studded Canvas Sneakers

Ok rocker mamas, how cool are these? Not only are they rockin’, they are SO easy to make! All you do is push the studs into the shoe and fold down the teeth with pliers. What a huge difference it makes! You can do this with almost any type of shoe, and you’ll look way cooler than the $5 you spent on the studs.

Head over to Pumps & Iron for more ways to step up your style.

source: Yesterday On Tuesday

4. Pink Cap Toe Sneakers

If you want a simple design for your sneakers that still incorporates a bit of color, this is a really easy method! You just use some masking tape to mark where you want the design, and paint with a color of your choosing. Pink is always fun and girly!

Check out the full details of this project at Yesterday On Tuesday.

source: The Crafted Life

5. Glitter Shoes

Ooh! Glitter! Even though glitter is something I hate having to clean up, I would totally deal with it to have a sparkly and fun pair of sneakers like this! All you need to make these glitzy guys is decoupage and glitter. This DIY does take a bit of time, and you’ll need to let the shoes dry overnight. But come morning, you’ll be a dazzling mama with the coolest pair of sneakers around!

Stop by The Crafted Life for the full how-to, and check out the other fabulous project ideas there too!

source: Proper

6. Ombre Ice Cream Cone Shoes

You had me at ice cream. Oh, wait…you can’t eat this kind? That’s ok, because it’s totally cute! If you can find blank canvas shoes in children’s sizes, this would be an adorable project to do for your little girl! But it works for moms, too, and it will definitely bring out your childish side.

Take a look at the instructions over on Proper, where there’s tons more to explore!

source: Oleander + Palm

7. Ombre Shoes & Laces

So not only are these ombre shoes totally rad, the laces are also colored! That’s what I call awesome. I guess when you don’t get out much, it’s the little things that really make your day. I would be tempted to stock up on canvas sneakers and use this method to paint each pair a different color. And then, I would mix and match the pairs to have a wildly colorful collection of outfits!

Over on Oleander + Palm is where you’ll find the tutorial for this DIY shoe project.

source: I Love to Create

8. Painted Leaf & Berries Shoes

I don’t know about you, but I’m already putting together a holiday outfit in my head so that I can wear a festive pair of DIY canvas sneakers like these! How stinkin’ CUTE are they? You just need fabric markers and fabric paint, and you can dab on some glitter too. You could get really creative and design a pair for each holiday!

Head over to I Love to Create to see how these are done.


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