Every teenage girl’s room deserves a little bit of color. Whether that color is lime green, baby pink, bright blue, or some crazy combination of all three, bright colors mean happiness, and teenagers can never have too much of that. Some of these DIY projects are super easy and some are a little harder, but every single one of them will add a lot of sunshine to the life and bedroom of your favorite teen girl.


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1. DIY Ombre Pen Pots

Everyone needs a place to keep their pens and pencils. Instead of regulating them to a messy drawer in their desk, make these beautiful ombre pen pots instead. Made using thick cards, paper towel rolls, and spray paint, these pen pots can be created in under an hour but make a huge difference in any bedroom.

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2. DIY Glitter Soy Candles

You can never have too many candles, even if those candles don’t particularly smell like much. These soy candles are covered in beautiful glitter and can be colored and customized to your liking. They are super easy to make and even more fun to look at.

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3. DIY Conversation Heart Pillows

Conversation hearts aren’t just for Valentine’s Day. Their bright coloring and cute sayings are perfect for decorating a bedroom at any time of the year. While this project does require some prior knowledge and a sewing machine, these pillows are relatively easy to make and a definite hit!

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4. DIY Ombre Desk Calendar

Sure, your teen can easily make use of the calendar on their smartphone or computer, but nothing beats being able to change those dates by hand every morning. Created using a wooden box and gift tags, this calendar is ridiculously easy to make for something so cool and useful.

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5. DIY Pink Furry Chair

We won’t lie to you. This awesome furry chair is a lot of work, it requires quite a bit of time, sewing skills, and a ton of furry pink fabric. Even still, all of that work and the possibility of having your living room floor covered in fuzz for months is more than worth it when you get this wildly awesome chair out of it.

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6. DIY Mini Desk Marquee Light

It may not look like it but this bright marquee light is made out of foam and poster boards. The project itself is incredibly simple and not at time-consuming but the end results never fail to light up a room. Literally.

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7. DIY Graphic Laundry Basket

All of that dirty laundry has to end up somewhere, better in a cool DIY hamper than all over the bedroom floor, right? A woven basket, some paint, and letter stickers are all you need to make this fun laundry basket.

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Source: abeautifulmess.com

8. DIY Pizza Plush

What teenage girl doesn’t love a good slice pizza? Especially when she can cuddle up with that slice of pizza without getting grease all over her PJ’s. Made out of felt and full of love, this plush is downright delicious.

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