While not always completely functional or practical, cool wall clocks never fail to add something awesome to the decor in any room. Pretty in pink to look adorable in a girly room or slightly more rustic to fit in well with a relaxed living space. Chic and slightly minimalist or completely abstract, wall clocks come in tons of different colors, designs, and even shapes. The cool wall clocks on this list also just happen to feature some pretty top-notch DIY instructions to go along with them.


Source: sugarandcloth.com

1. DIY Mid-Century Wall Clock

This rustic mid-century wall clock is made using a wood round, a chic modern clock movement, and a few coats of wood stain. While the project does require the use of a drill, the entire thing is relatively painless and simple. This clock looks fantastic when paired with similar wooden furniture in a bedroom or living space, and makes for an amazing conversation piece.

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2. DIY Sliced Cake Wall Clock

This adorable clock is cute enough to make your tummy rumble and easy cool enough to make creating it a blast. The materials list for this project is a little long, including acrylic paints and a jig saw amongst other things, but seeing that finished slice of deliciousness up on your wall makes the hard work completely worth it.

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3. DIY Minimal Hanging Wall Clock

This hanging wall clock is cool, chic, and wildly easy to create. The simpleness of this minimalist wall clock gives it the ability to blend effortlessly into any room or become a beautiful statement piece. It may not be the most complex piece out there, but it sure does look good.

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4. DIY Floral Wall Clock

Okay, we admit it, this floral wall clock is definitely out there. It’s wreath-like similarity and disconnected makeup aren’t like anything we’ve ever seen before, but that doesn’t make it any less amazing. The floral arrangement is attached to a wire wreath frame, making it the perfect spring accessory or all-the-time feature for brightening up your home.

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5. DIY Mid-Century Modern Ball Clock

This cool clock is reminiscent of something your grandparents had in their house in the ’60s, but in a good way! The wooden spheres are attached to a deconstructed starburst clock and attached to the wall. The actual DIY portion of this clock is pretty easy, as it just enhances a ready-made clock, but that doesn’t take away from the creativity.

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6. DIY Minimalist Mountain Clock

This cool mountain clock requires a bit more use of power tools than the other projects on this list, but the time spent slaving over an electric saw is definitely time well spent. Use this clock in your little ones’ nature-themed room or keep it for yourself in some other part of the house, as long as you make it.

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7. DIY Watercolor Wall Clock

Let out your inner Van Gogh by painting this beautiful watercolor wall clock. This project is simple enough. It utilizes specific painting techniques but is simple enough to customize with whatever colors or other designs you want to use. Making it the perfect easy DIY.

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8. DIY Hexagon Marble Wall Clock

Another cool, funky shaped clock, this awesome hexagon piece is well worth all the work. This DIY project uses marble paper to give the clock a chic look while the foam core base makes the entire project as simple as possible.

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