Dance workouts are a fantastic way to get in some much-needed cardio, tone your body, and stay fit in a relatively low maintenance and incredibly fun way. With their upbeat music and fast-paced moves, dance workouts are so fun, inspiring, and intensive that they make it easy to forget that they’re supposed to be exercise. Work out those abs with a fun latin inspired routine or try something a bit more relaxed with a ballet themed workout, these videos are about to get you moving and improve your health.

1. “Hot Summer” POP Cardio Dance Workout

Coming in at about 15 minutes, this pilates-inspired cardio workout uses tons of perfectly curated dance moves that help work out your arms, legs, and core. This video features moves that are so cool you might have to break them out at the next family wedding.


2. Bombay Jam Bollywood Dance Workout

This fun Bollywood inspired dance workout is specifically made to help boost your cardio using two different styles of dance. It is fast-paced, intensive, and ridiculously fun. The instructor also encourages watchers to put their own twists, spins, and flair into the exercise, making it even more enjoyable.


3. African Dance Workout

This incredibly fun African dance workout ensures that you use just about every part of your body, from your head to your toes, to learn great moves that help make you feel the burn. The entire video is less than 20 minutes, including the intensive warm ups and breaks, so it is perfect for busy moms everywhere.


4. Toned Legs Dance Workout

You don’t need to do tons of strength training or lifting to give your legs a gorgeous, healthy tone. Just try this 8 minute video! Full of moves that require you to jump, squat, stomp, and bounce, it isn’t the easiest workout out there, but the short timestamp and non-stop action make it perfect for those days when you need a no-nonsense kick in the rear.


5. Calorie Burning Dance Party Workout

Step off of that boring old treadmill and burn those summer indulgence calories with this incredibly fun dance party-inspired workout. Using fast and fun moves this workout helps you burn tons of calories and get in some much needed cardio in a little under 30 minutes.


6. Brazilian Booty Burn Dance Workout

Tone up those glutes in no time with this traditional Brazilian-inspired workout. This routine is full of booty shaking, hip turning, and leg work. Just channel your inner Beyonce and you’llΒ do great!


7. Fat Burning Hip Hop Dance Workout

This perfect fat burning workout uses simple but effective hip hop dance moves to help you stretch those muscles and tone up your body. From dips and spins to popping and locking, the name might sound intimidating but the moves are perfect for any hip hop dancing newbie.


8. Ballet Dance Workout

A little over an hour of slow-paced but highly effective ballet moves make this dance workout perfect for those times when you need to mellow out but get your workout in at the same time.Β Don’t worry though, you definitely don’t need a ballet barre to complete these moves.



Jordyn Smith

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