Even though I don’t like rainy days, I very much love the rainbows that come after each storm. Ever since my senior prom, when I found a multi-colored tulle skirt dress, I’ve been obsessed with rainbows. (My wedding had a rainbow theme.) Since the weather outside where I live has been rainy, and since St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, I thought it would be the perfect time to share some super cool rainbow foods.

Whether you just want to add some fun to your family’s diet, or you need ideas on creative foods to bring to your child’s school, all of these are fabulous! While they’re almost too pretty to eat, they’re definitely edible. And I bet you could get your children to try a few new flavors with these.

source: POPSUGAR

1. Rainbow Grilled Cheese

A sandwich with sprinkles? Sign me up! I don’t think it gets any cooler than rainbow grilled cheese. My children would probably end up playing with this instead of eating it, but I still want to make it! You’ll need to color the cheese using food coloring, but you basically make it the same as a typical grilled cheese sandwich. Lunchtime just got way more fun!

Check out the instructions for making this cheese-riffic meal over on POPSUGAR.


source: Babble

2. Rainbow Pizza

My son is currently going through an “I don’t like the green/red/fill in the blank stuff” with his food. And if I’m being honest, I don’t like most of the green/red/fill in the blank stuff either. But for kids who are willing to try foods that are loaded with fun colors, this healthy pizza is a good choice. Most kids won’t turn down pizza, so I bet this will win over some open-minded tots.

Head over to Babble for the instructions on making this.

source: Yummy Healthy Easy

3. Rainbow Jello Cups

What’s better than a cup full of Jello? A cup full of rainbow Jello! This sweet concoction would be a wonderful addition to a St. Patrick’s Day celebration. It could also be a fun alternative to cake at a child’s birthday party. However you decide to serve this, it’s bound to be yummy! Top with gold sprinkles for the ultimate St. Patrick’s Day treat!

Learn how to make these from Yummy Healthy Easy.

source: Love Bakes Good Cakes

4. Rainbow Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Ok, these look so awesome! There’s chocolate covered strawberries, and there’s rainbow chocolate covered strawberries. I have no doubt that both are incredibly delicious, but the latter definitely looks like something dreams are made of. (Well, my dreams at least.) If you have a friend expecting a rainbow baby, I think these would be so adorable to serve at her baby shower! Of course, you don’t need an excuse to enjoy these, so go ahead and treat yourself!

Stop by Love Bakes Good Cakes for the steps on making this healthy-ish treat.

source: MomDot

5. Rainbow Bagels

Bagels are a relatively healthy food, so most children don’t push them away. But if you want to up the chances of your child eating a bagel, try making rainbow ones from scratch. If you can involve your child in the baking process, they will be more inclined to try the bagels. This is an involved process, but if you have a special occasion that calls for a colorful breakfast food, it’s well worth the effort!

Get the details on baking these at MomDot.

source: Sugar Dish Me

6. Rainbow Mini Fruit Tacos

If there’s one food I don’t have to beg my children to eat, it’s fruit. I’m so thankful that they love it so much! I have a feeling that these mini fruit tacos would go over really well in my house. I mean, they are cute, they are colorful and they are sweet tasting, thanks to the cinnamon and sugar. Whether you make them for breakfast, or as an after school snack, these tiny treats are bound to be a crowd (or child) pleaser.

Sugar Dish Me has the instructions for making these.

source: The Idea Room

7. Rainbow Pancakes

Who knew there were pancakes you could make small enough to fit on a stick? Not me! But these are so adorable, and perfect for kids with small appetites. They are also just the right size for dipping into syrup, jelly or any other topping of choice. These would be cute to have for breakfast on St. Patrick’s Day, but kids would probably enjoy them no matter what day it is!

Head over to The Idea Room for instructions on making these.

source: The Gracious Wife

8. Rainbow Rice Krispie Treats

Not only are these totally cool and colorful, they are SO easy to make! No baking- just mixing and stirring, which is my kind of treat. These would be a really simple option for a fundraising bake sale or a party treat for your child to take to school. Just make sure you double the recipe so that you have plenty left over for you to enjoy at home!

Learn how to mix up this chewy creation from The Gracious Wife.


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