The Super Bowl is coming up and if you’re the type of person who loves to host Super Bowl parties, especially family-friendly ones, you might be scrambling to find activities that include everyone in attendance. While the kids can definitely sense the excitement in the air on Super Bowl Sunday and even be super hyped to support their teams, actually getting through the long game can be a challenge for short attention spans and boundless energy.

The adults at the party can have no problem drinking a couple beers and engaging in light conversation but kids need a little more to keep them entertained. Especially if you want to keep them from destroying your house and driving you crazy. Some the activities on the list are kid-friendly games and other are cool crafts. Whether you choose only one or use the entire list, the little ones (and their parents) will seriously thank you for these boredom busters.


1. Craft Stick Catapult Game

This game is definitely a little messy but still very fun! Using a tablecloth that looks like a football field, popsicle stick goal posts, and catapults, and tons of Goldfish, the little ones can make their own touchdowns alongside the players on the television screens.

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2. DIY Foam Fingers and Megaphones

No real game day is complete without tiny, adorable DIY foam fingers and megaphones! This project is super simple to make and while you’ll definitely have to help with the activity depending on the age of the kids, it shouldn’t take too much of your attention away from the game.

Frog Prince Paperie is full of adorable crafts for the entire family.


3. Bean Bag Football Toss

Every piece of this game is DIY, from the adorable “football field” mat to the football shaped bean bags. Using felt materials, you can create a game that will entertain just about anyone for a very long time.

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4. Football Bingo

This game may be more suited for kids that already at least some knowledge of how football works, but it should be easy enough. Instead of giving them an entirely new activity away from all the action, this football bingo allows the kids to actively pay attention and get involved in the sport.

Get great travel inspiration, free printables, and other great goodies at Made With Happy.


5. DIY Paper Bag Football

If you aren’t too keen on having a real football thrown around your house and knocking things over, you can allow the little ones to play with this fluff-stuffed paper bag football.

All For The Boys is all kinds of kid-friendly activity ideas.


6. Football Brain Teaser

Brain teasers are a great way for kids to pass the time and flex their mind muscles at the same time. A free printable and a few toothpicks are all you need to prepare this incredibly fun brain teaser!

Find more printables, travel inspo, and more at All For The Boys.


7. Glow In The Dark Football Ring Toss

This ring toss doesn’t have to be done outside, any place where the lights can be dimmed is perfectly fine. Gather up a few glow in the dark necklaces from your local dollar store, find a place to stand a football, and let the games begin!

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8. Tape Resist Painted Football Craft

This craft is especially great for younger kids. A bit of painters tape and some creative finger painting, and your kids will be amazed at the adorable football they’ve created all by themselves.

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