Black Friday shopping is almost here! Whether you plan to wait in line to be the first customer in the door or you just heading out for an hour or two to see what deals you find, there are a few tips to make your shopping experience as fun and pain-free as possible.


1. Research Ahead

One of my favorite things so do is browse all the catalogs and newspapers on Thanksgiving day, usually after the Turkey coma has set in and you can’t quite move from the couch for a while. Even if I don’t plan to make any large purchases it’s fun to look at all the awesome toys and gadgets going on sale. If you are planning to shop, this is the best time to see which stores have the best deals and to start you game plan.


2. Make Plan

Start a making a note, or even a list of what items you saw for the best price at what stores. We usually only plan to hit one or two stores when we go out, so we always hit up our most important place first. Make sure to check out what time the stores open so you don’t miss those must have doorbuster items.

3. Work As A Team

If you have very specific items or shops you plan to hit, then you may find the “divide and conquer” tactic might work best for you. This way you aren’t spending your precious shopping time waiting in long lines. The best way to do this is have a list of items everyone in your group is looking for so if you see it you can grab it while they are shopping elsewhere. You can’t beat teamwork, guys.

4. Shop Smart

There can sometimes be some jaw dropping deals that have you walking out of the store with a brand new matching end tables for $10 a piece (insert your own insane deal here), but a lot of the time there are just a lot of “good deals” that sucker you into buying more things you don’t actually need. Shop smart and keep focused – if you are buying kids Christmas gifts, stick to that. I’m sure you will find an equally adorable sweater the next time you are out shopping.

5. Bring Your Own Coffee

Trust me, if you are on a mission to get the best deals and maximize your shopping time, spending an hour waiting in the Starbucks line is not the way to do it. Wait to get your indulgent drink another day and bring your own hot thermos of coffee and snack pack to refuel.

6. Be Nice

I feel like this is the most important tip of all. If you decide to jump on the bandwagon of the busiest shopping day of the year, remember this is only possibly because of the many, many hardworking individuals across the country sacrificing their family time to be at work. Most of them probably don’t want to be there, yet their job is to be helpful. Make sure to send extra smiles their way and make their job easier by not being “that customer.”

7. Shop Online

Check out your favorite stores sales online, because Cyber Monday has gradually moved closer and closer to Thanksgiving, and many store evenshave amazing pre-black Friday sales. If you are just looking to snag one or two things here or there, then why not just avoid the stores all together and shop online?

8. Avoid At All Costs

If you don’t like the stress of big crowds and they very last thing you want to do during the holidays is to spend it bargain hunting with the rest of America, check out our post on 6 ways to spend black Friday besides shopping.


Ellice Vargas

Ellice Vargas

I'm a British gal and mama to one sweet daughter. I love a good DIY project, interior design and photography. When I'm not writing for Life As Mama, I'm traveling as much as I can with my little family and filling up my camera roll with snapshots of our life.